We can all agree that Josh Lin from Netflix’s Love Hard deserved so much more, here are some of the reasons why Josh is the man we all need in our lives.

Written by: Abby Wu – November 22nd, 2021 10:21 pm pst

Why Josh from Love Hard is the best

Credit: Netflix

He remembers the little things

It’s important to remember the little things about your partner because it really is the little things that make the relationship stronger. The morning after Natalie stayed at Josh’s family house, she sat down at the table and his father offered her bacon. Josh quickly reminded his father that she was a vegetarian and Natalie herself seemed a little surprised that he remembered. 

He supports her

What we realized throughout the film was how supportive Josh was for Natalie because he knew she flew to find him was because of Tag. Tag was a guy who was the complete opposite of Josh, he was into outdoor activities and pretty much had no similar interests to Natalie but she was adamant about going out with him. The rock climbing pep talk in the film really showed off how supportive he was in helping Natalie attract the attention of Tag and how he was willing to make her comfortable even when she was afraid. 

Into what she likes

Natalie and Tag throughout the movie seemed like they had a hard time connecting because their discussions would be focused entirely on Tag. He rarely asked about what she liked, unlike Josh who only talks about himself when asked and often asks Natalie about what she likes to do.

Takes advice from Natalie

Something that makes Josh the better choice is that he can take advice from Natalie and at the same time she takes the advice given to her. They are able to bring the best out of each other and can easily talk about things that make them who they are.  

Not afraid to talk about his feelings

A particular moment in the film where we see Josh become a lot more vulnerable is when he talks about his candle making and specifically about the scents he designed. When he mentioned his grandfather’s scent that he made, it allowed Natalie to further understand who he was and what he was thinking. He was great at being open about his feelings and not suppressing his emotions. 

He makes things fun

When Josh’s mom showed them the new engagement announcement in the paper, Josh and Natalie quickly sprung into action to ensure that the next morning paper would not get out. They ran around town and stole as many papers as they could find and after when hiding in the car, had a moment of realization that the two had fun together and that they each should be happier. 

He has a fun hobby

It’s important to not care about what others might think of you especially when it comes to expressing what you like to do. For Josh specifically, he had his secret candle-making business that he really wanted to start but because of his father’s family business and his fear of him not accepting his craft, he never told him. Until Natalie pushed him and when he did his father turned out to support him and also was proud of him! 

Abby Wu is a senior broadcast journalism major at Emerson College and an intern at Afterbuzz TV. She is obsessed with all things entertainment and hope to be working in the entertainment industry one day.

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