Ella and Mia Allan talk about being a part of the live action movie, Christmas traditions, how they picked who would be Lana and Lola, and more!

Written by: Chae Jones – November 23rd, 2021 11:39 am pst

Interview about A Loud House Christmas

Credit: Nickelodeon

Ella and Mia Allan are most recognizable from CW’s Jane The Virgin and ABC’s Single Parents but they are also making history by being a part of the second animation turned live-action that Nickelodeon has done in ten years since Fairly Oddparents. This speaks to the popularity of The Loud House since it first aired in 2016. 

Ella and Mia Allan were available for a Zoom interview with host Chae’ Jones to talk about joining the cast of A Loud House Christmas, their Christmas Traditions, how they picked who would be Lana and Lola, and more!

When asked about how they felt about joining the cast in the live-action adaptation of The Loud House Ella said,  “Ok so how we felt about joining the cast we were really excited cause we wanted to work with a ton of the kids. It was mostly girls so we were really excited to make new friends and bond with everyone. So yeah, we loved the whole cast. Especially the boy Wolfgang. He’s so nice. We all bonded really well with each other.”

The Loud House has been a staple on Nickelodeon since 2016 and its fan base has grown a lot over the last five years. When asked if they watched the show before or after they got their roles, Mia said, “So kinda both but we watched the show before off and on and it was a really good show. Really nice family show we liked to watch with each other. When we heard we got an audition for it we were really excited because we love all the Nickelodeon shows especially Spongebob and Loud House. We had to kind of like decide who was going to be who because we are so similar in real life. So it’s kinda hard to choose because Lana and Lola are completely opposite. So we watched a couple more episodes about those specific characters and I feel like we kinda bonded to our characters. I play Lana.”

“I play Lola,” Ella added. 

“I just feel I had a little more Lana in me than Ella had in Lola.” Said Mia.

“That’s how it kind of worked.” The Allan twins finished together.

Christmas is almost upon and with the Christmas celebration comes Christmas traditions. We all have those things that our family does every year that makes the holiday feel even more special. When asked if they had any Christmas traditions Ella replied, “Yes so, one Christmas tradition that we love doing is my grandma and grandpa will hide a pickle ornament in our tree and whoever finds the pickle ornament would get like money, or a treasure box, or something really small. I just remember us getting really competitive and we would go under the tree and like look for the pickle. I have like never won for the pickle. ”

“I’ve always won,” Mia responded.

“She always wins. I don’t know how she finds it. It’s green so it blends in really well but hopefully this year I get to do that. I’m really excited.” Said Ella.

“Another tradition we do for Christmas is we open a present on Christmas Eve and on Christmas day we open the rest of the presents,” Mia added. 

Don’t forget to watch A Loud House Christmas on Nickelodeon and Paramount+ on November 26 at 7 pm (ET/PT). Watch the FULL INTERVIEW here!

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