Advertise on Popcorn Talk

Popcorn Talk shows are AUDIO and VIDEO.

Unlike other podcasts and podcast networks, where advertisers are limited to audio audiences and audio based platforms. How many fans consume like digital content on YouTube rather than iTunes for example? We have found that there are more than a few. Therefore, PTN podcasts/vodcasts are broadcast in audio and video form. In addition to the colossal audio audience of PTN, advertisers and their brands reach even more audiences via PTN video. With our unique video component, we are allowed to add a visual element to advertiser’s brands via product placement, product use/endorsement/demonstration or even video taped commercials.

Popcorn Talk videos are higher in production value.

When you see an PTN show on video, you will not see an old table with a couple of microphones shot by a web camera as other podcasts do when attempting video. On the contrary, PTN programming is broadcast from state of the art, HD, multi-cam studios. There are six studios in total each featuring different sets and the most professional lighting.

Popcorn Talk videos have the most compelling viewer retention rates.

The notion of a one hour video on YouTube being successful was once thought crazy. Most YouTube viewers watched for 2-3 minutes and then along came PTN who defied and shattered the statistic. PTN one hour after-shows have a 67% viewer retention rate.

Popcorn Talk is platform agnostic and available in more places.

Consumers increasingly demand entertainment where and when they choose. With PTN they have less excuses not to be able to consume our content! PTN’s multi-platform and mobile engagement make it easy. Listeners can access content from a desktop, tablet, smartphone and mobile website as PTN programming is available in audio to Apple Podcast, Stitcher, Soundcloud and more but also are available in video on YouTube and other video based platforms.

Why podcast advertising matters.

When it comes to podcasting, the listener has already performed a positive, conscious and engaged action just by listening, and are very likely to react to what these hosts they’ve built trust in, tell them to. There is generally a maximum of four advertisements in any given hour, which limits commercial clutter.

Podcast Facts:

Approximately 46 million people listen to podcasts.

AfterBuzz TV episodes are listened to soon after they are downloaded, meaning podcast advertiser messaging is relevant and timely for podcast listeners:

61+ % Progressively Stream Episodes

74+ % Within 48 Hours of Release

95+ % Prior to Next Release (97% within 1 week)

Advertiser Messaging IS Heard:

86% of PodcastOne consumers listen to the entire podcast episode they download.

The average PodcastOne listener consumes 84% of all audio podcasts they downloaded or stream.

47% of PodcastOne listeners “strongly agree” that they pay more attention to podcast advertising than advertising on broadcast radio.

Podcast listeners ARE consistent:

On average, podcast consumers listen to 6 podcasts each week, and listen to an average total of 9.5 hours weekly.