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We love our fellow superfans and appreciate hearing from you, whether regarding shows, the PTN network, or just a friendly hello.

That said, everyone at PTN is extremely busy producing your favorite shows and as such, if you have a question, please first read the the FAQ below. The answer you’re looking for might just be there. If not, scroll down and fill out the contact form.

What is Popcorn Talk?

Popcorn Talk Network is the online broadcast network with programming dedicated exclusively to movie discussion, news, interviews & commentary. Popcorn Talk network is comprised of the leading members and personalities of the film press & community including E!’s Maria Menounos, Illeana Douglas, Scott “Movie” Mantz, Screen Junkie’s Roxy Striar, FX’s Adam Gertler, Fox Sports’ Jonny Loquasto, E!’s Simon Thomson, movie reporter Jeff Sneider and others.

Who are our hosts?

Our hosts are passionate TV personalities that occupy virtually every single space in hosting: everything from reality TV gossip to high concept scripted TV to gaming. Our hosts go through a rigorous vetting process to assure that only the best in the business will get access to your eyes and ears.

Ways to get shows?

Our content comes in two primary forms: video and audio. Our videos can be viewed on YouTube, and our audio (directly pulled from our videos), can be found on Apple Podcasts and other podcast aggregators such as Podcatcher, Acast, etc.

How do I get new episodes automatically?

To subscribe to our videos just go to

To subscribe to our podcasts you can go directly to our Apple Podcast page or search within the app. Alternatively, you can subscribe directly to a show’s RSS feed (the specific links can be found on our website) or use another podcast app such as Podcatcher, Acast, etc.

Do I need to have an iPhone?

No! Any phone can support audio listening! One of our favorite podcasts, SERIAL (heard of it?), has a great explanation as to how to most easily listen to podcasts: check it out here: Popular Android podcast apps can be found here:

And remember, you can also watch our shows through the YouTube app on smart phones!

Apart from Apple Podcasts, what ways can I listen?

Here are some options for iOS users:

And here are options for Android users:

If you’re on your computer, you can always listen to your favorite shows directly from our website.

How do I watch?

To subscribe to our videos just go to

How do I watch live?

The way to watch live is through our YouTube channel at It’ll list the upcoming live shows. (This gets updated daily by 11am PT). If your show is live that day you can either check back on the same link at the scheduled live time or select the “bell” icon to set a reminder. To find out which day your favorite show tapes, click the schedule button on the top menu.

How do I know which shows are active?

Easy – just click the schedule button on the top menu.

How do I keep up to date with everything?

Subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of the page! It goes out on the first Tuesday of every month.

Secondly, follow us and our hosts on social media accounts to get the latest updates.

Additionally, as we continue to grow, we’ll continue adding more shows like PTN Promos that will provide you will invaluable information about our hosts and the behind the scenes aspects.

What if I have a suggestion?

Great! We love suggestions, as long as they’re constructive :)

To send one along, scroll to the bottom and fill out the contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.

If I love Popcorn Talk, how can I help?

First of all, thanks for being a fan! Second of all, here are some ways you can help:

  • Tell your friends about us!
  • Mention us in your social media (#PopcornTalk & @ThePopcornTalk). Tweet, Insta, all of it!
  • Rate and comment on Apple Podcast or YouTube.
  • Keep watching.

Do your shows have spoilers?

We try to avoid spoilers. The times our shows have spoilers our hosts do their best to announce and forewarn fans. Apologies if we don’t.

PS: Sometimes our guests spoil aspects without warning. Generally it’s not intentional though.

Is there a PTN app?

At this time no. There are so many podcast apps already out there for free that carry our shows that we prefer instead to focus our efforts on producing the best shows we can.

How do I become a host?

If you have a burning passion to discuss movies, want to host a show or even just be a superfan guest let us know.  We are inundated with host applications and requests, so be patient with response. When and if you do receive a response, please follow directions carefully.


Note: If you can garner a recommendation from a current or past BHL host, you’ll be given further consideration.

    Do I have to be 18 to be an PTN host?

    Yes, at this time you do have to be 18 years old.

    Can I apply to be an intern?

    Of course. PTN offers lots of learning opportunities to both high school and college students who are over 18 years old. Anyone looking to learn more while gaining hands on experience in social media, live-production, journalism, digital TV, etc is an ideal candidate. And yes, you must be able to receive school credit in order to apply. Please note all internship positions are for off-camera duties. If you’re over 18 and want to be a host, apply through our host application.

      I’m a publicist, how do I get my client on your show?

      We are constantly engaging, assisting and supporting both creators, visionaries, cast members, directors and others. We honor them and are willing to support them in any means possible. If you are seeking to appear on our shows and solicit our network’s support, feel free to reach out.

        How do I advertise on Popcorn Talk?

        If you’re interested in advertising on Popcorn Talk, please fill out this form. Serious inquiries only.

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