We’ll use Valentines Day as an excuse to binge watch Ryan Reynolds, Channing Tatum, and all of our beloved rom com stars!

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Valentine’s Day holds many different meanings to people each year, but you know what’s always a constant? That’s right, romcoms, especially from the magical age of the early 2000s. It doesn’t matter if your view on romance is cynical or if you’re a hopeless romantic. This genre provides something for everyone! Whether you hate, love, or are indifferent to Valentine’s Day, these movies will make you appreciate, or at least give you a good laugh at those who are, celebrating love.

How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days – 2003

An absolute classic! This film stars Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson in 2003, and the pair’s on-camera chemistry is off the charts! The plot follows Hudson’s character, a journalist, who writes about her mishaps with men. She creates mayhem for McConehey’s character, a devilish charmer, who made a bet to stay with the next girl he flirts with. The two end up on a journey neither of them would have expected. If you’re in the mood to laugh uncontrollably, you won’t regret watching this film.

She’s The Man – 2006

Channing Tatum and Amanda Bynes are a pair of comedic geniuses. They take their roles and characters to a whole other level. Bynes’ character desperately wants to prove that she can beat the college rival boys soccer team, even though their coach told her no girl could be more athletic than a boy. Deciding that her only option is to crossdress and try out for the male soccer team, she learns a few unexpected tips from her team-mate and crush, Channing Tatum.

Bride and Prejudice – 2004

This bollywood rendition of Pride and Prejudice follows four daughters on the search for the perfect husband. Their mother desperately tries to pair each girl with a wealthy suitor. However the oldest daughter, played by Aishwarya Rai, puts a dent in her mother’s plans. Rai’s character decides that she will only marry for love with a deserving man. This film is an absolute classic, based on a classic. For those of you who have ever had your parents medal in your love life, these characters will seem way too relatable.

13 Going On 30 – 2004

If you’re feeling nostalgic for your early teen years, This Jennifer Garner film with Mark Ruffalo is the movie for you! Garner’s character uses wishing dust to wish her teen years away. After a crazy adventure and feeling far away from her true self, Garner’s character learns the true meaning of life and of love. For an adorable scene which will make you rethink your standards for love, watch below!

The Fighting Temptations – 2003

Is there anything better than a romantic comedy featuring Beyonce? In this early two-thousands film the main character, Cuba Gooding Jr., is caught in a series of lies around his background. Losing both his job and his girlfriend, he ends up back in his hometown where he reunites with his childhood best friend, played by Beyonce. This movie will get you thinking about all your past hometown crushes.

Imagine Me and You – 2005

This rom com follows Piper Perabo and Lena Headey, who plays the wedding-florist for Perabo’s soon to be wedding. However the two slowly come to realize they might be more than just friends. Perabo’s character is left questioning her stable marriage and her sexuality. This movie is powerful, comical, and will remind you what love is all about.

Deliver Us From Eva – 2003

Gabrielle Union stars in this classic rom com as the oldest sister in charge of her siblings’ trust fund. Union’s character, Eva, has always been self-reliant and equally as weary of her sisters’ suitors. The men in her sisters’ lives diabolically decide to split up the trust fund by setting Eva up with a man, played by LL Cool J. However the boys’ scheme doesn’t exactly go as planned.

Legally Blonde – 2001

Of course, our queen of Harvard and of the bend and snap made this list. Reese Witherspoon stars in the rom com film, pushing the boundaries of gender and defying all odds. Originally Witherspoon’s character goes off to Harvard in hopes of proving her arrogant ex-boyfriend wrong. Instead she finds something completely unexpected, a passion for law and an even better man.This movie will provide you with endless amounts of nostalgia and put you in your feels for sure. A perfect movie for a galentine’s day celebration!

Two Can Play That Game – 2001

Vivica A. Fox stars in this messy rom com. Typically, the go to woman for romance advice, Fox’s character loses the title of relationship guru when she spots her man out with her arch nemesis. She ultimately decides to use her wit and tricks to keep her man in line and in love. However the boyfriend, played by Morris Chestnut, has a few sneaky moves of his own!

Just Friends – 2005

Ryan Reynolds and Amy Smart star in this hilarious film full of oddities. Reynolds’ character has always been in love with his best friend, Smarts’ character, and after a decade apart, when he’s a successful music producer, he returns to his hometown in hopes that his best friend will finally give him a chance. His idea doesn’t exactly go as planned as a crazed pop star, played by Anna Faris, family members, and old rivals get in the way.

We hope you enjoy your Valentine’s Day just as much as you love watching these movies!

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