It’s been almost 18 years since 13 Going on 30 was originally released, but everyone is still keeping it flirty and thriving to this day! Here are 3 standout moments that have happened in pop culture concerning the film.

Written by: Kiley Hill – November 21st, 2021 5:51 pm pst

Jenifer Garner Mark Ruffalo

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It’s been almost 18 years since 13 Going On 30 was released, but it still is a flirty and thriving memory for so many. A few things have happened since the release in April 2004, and we can’t get enough.

Jennifer Garner & Mark Ruffalo Reunite

Remember when Matty told Jenna she can’t just turn back time? Well, I think she did! At the beginning of 2021, Mark and Jennifer reunited on the set of their new movie. And the captions brought us all back from Mark’s reference to Razzles and Jennifer’s about wishing dust! It was almost too cute to bear.

Ariana Grande Rocks the Iconic Dress

Ariana Grande big-time magazine editor? Ariana rocked not only the dress but wore a spiky bun and matched the makeup look from the movie as well. Her love for the movie has been no secret, as she recreated the outfit from the movie’s final scene in her music video “Thank U, Next.” It’s the best thing ever.

Christa B. Allen Recreates 13 Going on 30 look on Her 30th Birthday

Christa B. Allen is best known for playing young Jenna Rink in the movie, and on her 30th birthday, she acted as 30-year-old Jenna. She went viral last year for recreating the look on Halloween, and this year she was able to enjoy it in a different way as she celebrated her birthday.

We hope to see more of these moments! But for now, time to sit back, rewatch the movie and eat some Razzles.

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