Is it really Halloween if you haven’t watched a zombie movie yet? Here are five zombie films for you to watch no matter what genre you prefer!

Written by: Reb Czukoski – October 29th, 2021 10:50 pm pst

Zombies are one of the most popular monsters doting around on Halloween and the world’s fascination with them is timeless. Zombie movies in particular have high returns because they’re often done at a lower budget and it’s almost always a thrilling concept to audiences. We know that although these movies are popular, they definitely dominate in the horror genre so if you’re not vibing with that singular category, we’d like to offer you 5 zombie movies across different genres.

Train to Busan – Action

Credit: Next Entertainment World

Divorced father, Seo Seok-woo, is a hedge fund manager taking his daughter to see her mother for her birthday amid a quick-spreading zombie outbreak. As their train becomes infested, they meet interesting people with very different stories and they must find their way to the front of the vehicle for safety, but must pass through each dangerous car on the way. 

Whilst being listed as a horror-action film, this one has got so many exciting action sequences and some surprisingly fast-moving zombies. Not to mention, it broke box-office records in 2016, holding one of the largest audiences for a South-Korean film in theatres, and managed to be another good example of a low budget to high return in the box office for zombie films. Watch it on Amazon Prime Video!

Warm Bodies – Romance

Zombie films in every genre

Credit: Make Movies, Mandeville Films

“R” is a zombie that can’t remember his past or how he got to his state, but when he feasts he takes on the memories of those he ate. As a narrator of the story, he is very self-aware of his surroundings and zombie status. On a mission to retrieve food from downtown, his group runs into humans and “R” ends up eating the brains of Julie’s now-deceased boyfriend, causing “R” to fall in love with her and teach Julie that not all zombies are bad. 

Originally based on a novel by the same name, the romantic zombie rom-com plays on a deadpan sense of humor as being told from the zombie’s perspective. Although lacking in realism, as if zombie movies can be considered so, the movie has a happy ending and was very similar to the book for the fans that loved the story well before the film’s release. It’s available on Hulu, HBO Max, or Amazon Prime Video!

#Alive – Thriller

Credit: ZIP Cinema, Perspective Pictures

A video game live streamer, Joon-woo, has been left alone in his family’s apartment while a zombie outbreak starts to arise. Time passes by with him fighting off zombie intruders, but as their presence dies down, his loneliness overpowers him until he spots another survivor across the complex. The two become fast friends and use each other for safety as they figure out how to escape the hordes of undead down below for lack of resources. 

South Korea loves producing zombie films and this is another one to add to the books. The film was not as popular at the box office, however, Netflix picked it up for distribution and it has received many positive reviews since. #Alive and Alone were two films based on the same script, but the Korean Netflix version appeared to have much more critical success and overall higher ratings. You can stream it on Netflix!

Frankenweenie – Animation

Credit: Walt Disney Pictures, Tim Burton Productions

Victor Frankenstein is a young boy that, while grieving his dead dog, manages to resurrect Sparky using electricity. His jealous classmates with wishes to revive their own pets blackmail Victor into showing them how to do it which causes a slew of chaos from desperate people becoming lab technicians to make their own pets come back to life.

Tim Burton is renowned for making stop motion animations perfect for Halloween, and this film is no different. Playing on the classic tale of Frankenstein, this film goes back to its old roots being released in black-and-white. The approval rating for the movie was very high as are most others of Tim Burton’s, but it was also nominated for a wide array of awards. You should definitely see it this Halloween on Disney+!

Little Monsters – Comedy

Credit: Screen Australia, Protagonist Pictures, Made Up Stories, Snoot Entertainment, Neon

Dave, a musician way past his prime, is getting over a recent breakup and decides to chaperone his nephew, Felix, on a school trip to try and impress the teacher that he’s been crushing on. During the field trip, an army base next door releases a zombie outbreak and the class must survive while also dealing with a sadistic alcoholic that shows his true colors after the zombies escape. 

Lupita Nyong’o impresses in all of her performances, but she was especially praised for her role in this Sundance premiere. This film offered a fresh take on the zombie genre and involved other names such as Josh Gad and Kat Stewart on their cast list. Kids and zombies don’t usually get portrayed together, so if you’re interested in seeing this one-of-a-kind flick, it’s available to stream on Hulu!

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Reb Czukoski is an intern with AfterBuzz TV and a senior at Emerson College studying visual media arts with a focus in animation and minoring in peace and social justice. They are currently pursuing a career in animation and graphic design, with an interest in movies, music, and social media.

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