As October comes to an end, you can still have Halloween at any time of the year. Here are some of the themed movies in multiple genres to watch whenever the spirit takes you!

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Tim Burton is an extremely popular figure when it comes to all things creepy and anything stop-motion. A lot of his colleagues as well go on to produce their own popular animated films such as Henry Selick that worked on The Nightmare Before Christmas with him and went on to create Coraline. To highlight Tim Burton’s works, a Halloween animation must-watch is…

Corpse Bride

Halloween Movies in different genres

Credit: Tim Burton Productions, Laika, Patalex II Productions

Victor and Victoria have an arranged marriage planned, but in Victor’s proposal practice in the middle of the woods, he accidentally slips his ring onto a dead woman named Emily and not a tree branch like he previously thought. Emily is now claiming to be his wife and takes Victor with her to the land of the dead and he needs to escape to find and marry Victoria before she gets wed to someone else. It’s available to watch on HBO Max!

If you’re interested in watching other animated movies like this that just so happen to be kid-friendly, we have an extensive list of Halloween movies that are appropriate for most audiences here!


You can’t go Halloween without watching at least one of the classic horrors. These range anywhere from The Conjuring to Get Out. One of the forerunners in horror writers is Stephen King so if you want to check out any more movies based on Stephen King novels you can read that here

However, some of the lesser-known horrors are definitely worth watching as well. Two films that should be highlighted for their very interesting plots and slow burn are…


Credit: Paramount Pictures, Paramount Players, MTV Films, Intrepid Pictures, Bellevue Productions

A young boy, Eli, is a bubble boy who has a rare disease causing him to be allergic to the outdoors which causes him to live his life in protective gear. His family finds a facility that will allow him to leave his suit and attempt to correct his illness, but his friend is persistent the house is haunted. Eli notices that while being there he isn’t getting any better, but you have to see what’s causing him to get worse on Netflix!

I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House

Credit: Netflix

Iris, a retired horror writer lives in a historic house built by a man for his wife. Iris has dementia and has a live-in nurse, Lily, to help care for her. Lily notices strange paranormal forces that have appeared in the house and sees connections between Iris’ old book characters and her references to the inhabitants of the household. The story jumps back and forth between the stories of the past couple that lived there and Lily’s present, but to know what makes this film so scary, you must watch it on Netflix!


Nowadays thrillers are pulling older films styles from 80s slasher films as you can read about here, but there’s a large range in terms of more artistic thrillers like I’m Thinking of Ending Things or the classic slashers such as Halloween

Zombie films tend to dominate the thriller/action scene and if you’re interested in a more comprehensive list of some foreign films that have achieved recognition in the thriller genre, you can check out those titles here. Zombie films don’t have to be the only monsters that Halloween sees. Some of the best of the genre is the monster thrillers about aliens or strange entities, so we recommend the two below and any others like them.

A Quiet Place

The dystopian world came about when sightless monsters took over the world and killed a majority of the people, but a family that lives on a farm in the middle of a forest is alive and learned to live by making minimal noise thanks to their adaptability from their deaf daughter. You can watch this monster thriller on Amazon Prime Video!

Bird Box

Credit: Bluegrass Films, Chris Morgan Productions

Malorie has two young children that she needs to protect from strange creatures that cause people to commit suicide if they look at them. While jumping back and forth between the past and the present, Mallorie and the children are currently rowing down a river to find a safe haven far from those that may attempt to corrupt them and to avoid the dangers of potentially looking at these creatures that are everywhere. To know whether or not they got to safety you can read the novel based on the same name or watch the film adaptation on Netflix!


October can be overwhelming, especially trying to cram in all of the scary or depressing films that come with it, so it’s always good to have a comedic backup to keep you in the spooky spirit, but not be draining. If you’re into Halloween-oriented comedies and are looking for festive holiday themes, there’s a more extensive list of films to watch here

Most of the funny Halloween movies tend to blend into the animation genre, but a classic film that combines the elements of Halloween and comedy is…


Credit: The Geffen Company

Two ghosts of a deceased couple have been feeling unwelcomed by the new inhabitants of the home that they used to live in. In order to get things back to normal, the couple hires a spirit named Beetlejuice to scare away the folks that have just arrived.

While this classic film is one of the older ones, it is extremely popular and nothing gets more Halloween than ghosts and spirits. 

Hopefully, some of these titles have gotten you in the Halloween spirit or were able to give you more recommendations if you happened to be running out. Check out the highlighted titles for these genres or any of the links mentioned above and have a spooky and happy Halloween!

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