It was just announced that the 2011 MTV hit show Teen Wolf starring Tyler Posey, Shelly Henning, Holland Roden and Dylan O’Brien is being turned into a movie! All the cast but one have shared their excitement, so the question has to be asked, will Dylan O’Brien reprise his role?

Written by: Anna Meyer – October 2nd, 2021 4:31 pm pst

why Dylan O'Brian needs to be in the teen wolf film

Credit: Teen Wolf/MTV/Jeff Davis

Several actors from the original cast like Crystal Reed, who played Allison Argent, and Tyler Posey, who played Scott Mccall have shared their excitement about the recent news of Teen Wolf becoming a film. It seems as if all but Dylan O’Brien have posted about the revival. O’Brien who played the iconic Stiles Stilinski has not yet shared whether he will be featured in this movie. So we’re looking at all the reasons why his character needs to be in this film. 

Reason #1

His comedic timing is like no other. While Teen Wolf has the tendency to get very dramatic and intense, O’Brien’s character never fails to bring light to the scene with his sarcasm. The funniest ongoing bits for his character are Stile’s ability to get sick anytime there’s a mention of blood, which happens a lot, and how his character interacts with Derek Hale portrayed by Tyler Hoechlin. Derek Hale is a very intimidating stern character which creates the perfect contrast with Stillinkis easy going and upbeat personality.

Credit: Teen Wolf/MTV/Jeff Davis

Reason #2

While his character is known for being super fun and chaotic, let’s not forget how amazing O’Brien played “Void Stiles.” Since an ancient Japanese spirit inhabited stiles, O’Brien had to bring the intensity to the scenes and he did exactly that! Void Stiles was scary and suspenseful and even though he was an antagonist, he was also a fan favorite. Void Stiles was a great way to show O’Brien’s acting range and ability to play more serious roles.

Credit: Teen Wolf/MTV/Jeff Davis

Reason #3

Stiles’ personality offers some of the best qualities in a boyfriend which is why he was part of the best “ships” on the show. Whether you were a #stydia or #stalia fan, we can all agree that romantic scenes with him were to die for! The season finale ended with him and Lydia Martin as a couple, but who knows maybe Stiles would be “on the market” in the new movie creating a new ship. If I saw him on tinder I’d swipe right, what about you?

Credit: Teen Wolf/MTV/Jeff Davis

Reason #4 

Malia and Lydia aren’t the only ones who got to be in a relationship with stiles, let’s not forget the epic bromance of him and Scott Mccall. Stiles and Scott were the definition of “Best Friends,” the most impactful scenes were the ones where the audience was able to see how strong their bond was. One scene, in particular, is when Scott is in a trance and is feeling hopeless and Stiles is the only one who can pull him out of it. What made this bromance so much better is that it didn’t end when the director yelled “Cut!” O’Brien and Tyler Posey are great friends in real life. 

Stiles Stilinski is a MUST HAVE in the Teen Wolf movie revival for more reasons than one. O’Brien has been teasing the fans by liking several tweets and posts about him in the movie but has not yet confirmed anything.

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