Ana Rey-Oktay talks all about her role in the new Clint Eastwood movie Cry Macho, and the brilliance behind the film.

Written by: Benny Adams – October 2nd, 2021 11:06 am pst

Ana Rey-Oktay Interview

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There is a new movie out that’s pulling on people’s heartstrings and getting them talking. The film is called Cry Macho, and it stars Clint Eastwood, a one-time rodeo star who takes a job bringing his ex-boss’s son home and away from his alcoholic mother. 

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Ana Rey-Oktay, who plays Senora Reyes in the film, speaks with Benny Adams about working on the massive project and why it’s worth the watch. 

“It started with a really interesting audition. There were no lines, and after the audition, I didn’t hear anything for the longest time, and all of a sudden, I got a call from my agent saying you’re going to be working with Clint Eastwood, and it just goes to show how crazy this business is.” Explained Oktay on how she learned she would be starring alongside Clint Eastwood.

The Californication album has a pivotal part in the film for helping Eastwood’s character get from Mexico to the United States, and Oktay says it was not hard to get into her character’s mindset due to her surroundings while filming. 

“Where this woman lives is very rural and isolated, and I can see this woman having a tough life. Basic things that we take for granted, like picking up food, are not accessible to her. I think the landscape really helped to be in New Mexico in a rural setting, and seeing that the next exit on the highway to civilization is about an hour away, I think that really informed my ideas on how to walk into a scene.”

Ana wants people to see the movie for its amazing story and the beauty behind it. She says she knows that this will be Eastwood’s best movie yet. 

“Go to the theater and see this movie for the beauty of it, the connection to these gorgeous landscapes, looking back on a life well-lived, and passing that torch to a younger audience. It’s a really special film, and it’s the film he’s going to be most remembered for.”

Cry Macho is out in theaters now and streaming on HBO Max.  Check out the full interview with Ana below. 

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