With Jon M. Chu signing on to direct the upcoming ‘Wicked’ film, we started thinking of our ideal cast. From Ashley Park, Keke Palmer, Regé-Jean Page, Daniel Radcliffe and more!

Written by: Briana Phipps – February 22, 2021 1:01 pm pst

Ever since Wicked premiered in 2003 it’s safe to say people have been obsessed. So much so that shortly after rumors of a film adaptation began to circulate. After Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth, who were the stars of the Broadway show, made clear that they wouldn’t be reprising their roles for the silver screen, fans started speculating who they would want to see play the lead roles.

Since Broadway has pushed back their re-opening till Fall of 2021, musical films are one of the only ways for us to get our theater fixes. That fact mixed with the long awaited film now having a director, Jon M. Chu, the movie is starting to feel right on the horizon.

Chu recently reached via twitter asking who wants to play the Elphaba and Glinda, so we thought we would help him out and share our top casting picks!


Elphaba, AKA the wicked witch of the west, needs to be someone who is caring, but also powerful. They need to be able to play an outsider, but also portray intense passion. Most importantly, they need to belt! Some top picks from fans have been Ariana DeBose and Ariana Grande, who was even Kristin Chenoweth’s pick.

Our picks? While we would be entirely happy with either of the above, we would also love to see Keke Palmer of Samantha Barks take on this role. Both have proven themselves amazing singers and actresses who would be able to handle the shy but powerful role.

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Glinda, or should we say Galinda, needs to be over the top, like Elle Woods on crack. They need to be self absorbed but also be able to shift and become caring and nurturing. They need to have a vulnerability that they’re trying to hide, and following Kristin they need to hit a high note!

Some of the internets top picks have included Dove Cameron and Ashley Park, and we are right there with them. Both of these actresses would absolutely kill this role, and Doves already played Chenoweth’s daughter in Hairspray.

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Fiyero, Glinda and Elphaba’s love interest, needs to be suave and dreamy. He needs to be a bit of an airhead but also immensely caring and loyal.

The internet has made suggestions such as Aaron Tveit, Jeremy Jordan, Jordan Fisher and Harry Styles. All amazing suggestions and we would be happy to watch any of them take on the role.

Someone else who could possibly tackle this part is Bridgerton‘s Regé-Jean Page. We heard him sing recently on Saturday Night Live, so we know he can handle that aspect, and he definitely would be convincing as someone girls would be fawning over.

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Elphaba’s paralyzed sister needs to be someone who starts off as a sweet and caring person but then gets corrupted and obsessive.

Some popular picks from the internet have included Emmy Rossum, Anna Kendrick, and Sofia Carson.

Our choice would Ali Stroker. She uses a wheel chair in real life so this would be a great role for her to take on. Plus her Tony award winning performance in Oklahoma proves she has the acting and singing chops.

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Nessarose’s unhappy munchkin boyfriend Boq needs to have a nerdy lovable side to him, but also be able to spurn out and become resentful and full of anger.

The internet has suggested Ben Platt, Chris Colfer, and Daniel Radcliffe. All would make amazing Boq’s but Daniel Radcliffe sticks out in our mind. He’s proven himself as both an amazing film and theater actor.

Doctor Dillamond

The goat teacher serves as an inspiration, and ultimately titular reason Elphaba makes the choice to turn against the Wizard.

Some popular choices have been Danny DeVito, Nathan Lane, and Harvey Firestein.

However, we think the person who would absolutely kill in this role would be Norm Lewis. He’s Broadway royalty and has been making the crossover to screen with films like Da 5 Bloods.

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Madame Morrible

Madame Morrible needs to start off as someone you think you can trust and then turn full circle. She needs to have the right amount of evilness and cunning.

The internet has mentioned Queen Latifah, Patti LuPone, and Audra McDonald. All would be amazing but Patti would do this role its ultimate justice. After watching her as Momma Rose, we know she can handle a manipulative and somewhat psychotic role.

The Wizard

Lastly we have The Wizard, the ultimate good guy facade. The Wizard needs to think what he is doing is right and be able to justify and means he takes to accomplish it. He needs to be manipulative but also come off as someone you would trust.

The internet has suggested Lin-Manuel Miranda, Daveed Digs, Hugh Jackman, and Neil Patrick Harris.

While we certainly wouldn’t be mad at any of the above picks, I personally would love to see Allen Cummings in this role. Cummings has just the right amount of darkness and lovableness to be convincing, plus he’s already stared in a Wizard of Oz adaptation before.

Who would you want to see cast in the upcoming Wicked film? Let us know in the comments!

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