Even animated foods can make us hungry, and Pixar movies have no shortage of these. Check out ten of our favorite cartoon foods we need in our life!

Written by: Sam Heltemes – June 22nd, 2021 3:06 pm pst

10 Delicious Foods

Credit: tom.arthur

Pixar movies deliver smiles, tears, laughs, and…cravings! Here are ten foods from Pixar movies we’d love to try IRL:

#1. Trenette al Pesto from Luca

You can’t go wrong with pasta, and that basil looks so fresh and delicious.

#2. Everything from Ratatouille

Watching a little rat chef cook up some of the finest food in Paris (with stunning animation) kicks our cravings into high gear. Good luck making it through without grabbing a snack!

#3. Including the Cheese and Strawberry combo

The explosion of colors definitely makes us want to try it!

#4. Empire Biscuits from Brave

Merida’s brothers couldn’t stop eating these sweet rolls, so they must be absolutely scrumptious! We love the cherry on top.

#5. Ice Cream from UP

BRB. Eating our feelings.

#6. Tamales from Coco

We just know Miguel’s abuelita is an amazing cook.

#7. Broccoli Pizza from Inside Out

“Congratulations, San Francisco. You’ve ruined pizza!”

#8. Cookies from The Incredibles

Nothing tempts Jack-Jack like a chocolate chip cookie, and we don’t blame him!

#9. Cupcakes from Monsters University

We would have gladly accepted these cute cupcakes from Randall.

#10. Toy Story 2 Cheese Puffs

*Runs to kitchen for a bag of Cheetos*

For more animated deliciousness, give Pixar’s newest film, Luca, a watch on Disney+. Let us know what foods from movies you’ve always wanted to try!

About The Author:

Samantha Heltemes is a film and television production student at Loyola Marymount University and an intern for AfterBuzz TV. She is passionate about movies, art and design, travel, and food.

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