Comedian Iliza Shlesinger’s Netflix film Good on Paper is pleasing to viewers for its intriguing plot. In addition to its humorous moments, we’re listing 5 reasons why Good on Paper is THE new go-to rom-com.

Written by: Lauren Weber – June 29th, 2021 10:16 pm pst

5 reasons to watch

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Good on Paper, released June 23rd on Netflix, is the new rom-com that everyone can’t stop talking about – including us! Written by comedian Iliza Shlesinger (who also stars as the main character), Good on Paper is a hilariously fun and eye-catching story about a boyfriend who doesn’t seem as perfect as he makes himself appear to be. If the film’s synopsis didn’t already spark your interest, then continue reading to find out why we highly recommend watching Good on Paper!

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A Fresh Take on Rom-Com

In the typical rom-com, boy meets girl and they end up falling in love, with a few mishaps along the way. On the other hand, Good on Paper provides a fresh take on the average rom-com; without giving away any spoilers, let’s just say that this film isn’t a cliché love story. Its premise is unique and the comedy is down-to-earth funny. Like, actually laugh-out-loud funny!

Utilizes Social Media

Good on Paper utilizes current social media apps, such as Instagram, throughout the film. Main character Andrea (Iliza Shlesinger) talks about using and posting on Instagram, and takes photos in various scenes which are presumably being posted shortly afterwards. In addition to Andrea, other characters use search engines and social media. The use of up-to-date technology and social media creates a realistic and therefore relatable setting in Good on Paper.

Promotes Feminism

Many films, including rom-coms, often take advantage of femininity by sexualizing women. We especially love that Good on Paper takes an effective approach on feminism by doing the opposite of objectifying women and empowers them instead. The female characters are strong, smart women with unique personalities and varying backgrounds and interests. Additionally, Good on Paper dives head first into the disturbing reality of being a woman in comedy: constant harassment from haters who don’t think women can be funny. Glass ceiling… you will be broken!

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Portrayal of LGBTQIA+ Community

Most LGBTQIA+ characters in films or TV shows face hatred, bullying, or are not supported by those around them for coming out. Good on Paper steps away from this common storyline by instead normalizing characters’ sexualities and gender identities! This is such an important and effective portrayal of LGBTQIA+ because it not only accepts and supports those who are, but also strengthens members of the community. Margaret Cho, queer comedian and friend of Iliza’s, flawlessly portrays hilarious and witty lesbian best friend Margo in the film.

Based on a True Story

I often find that films that are based on true stories tend to resonate with me more. Perhaps this is because a story that really happened provides a point of deeper contemplation on reality? Good on Paper is based on a true story from Iliza’s life, and she talks about how much truth there is to the film in her interview with Jimmy Kimmel below. It’s a pretty wild story!

Good on Paper is creative, fun, and can be an incredibly relatable outlet for many individuals in today’s dating world. Iliza Shelesinger’s story is quite an adventure to watch. Considering the true story behind the film, we wish only the best for the talented comedian from here on out. Nevertheless, fans and viewers of Good on Paper alike are pleased to see Iliza take her real-world experiences and turn them into art. A lasting lesson we can take away from the film is a great reminder on dating: “If he checks all your boxes, check again.”

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Lauren Weber is a Penn State University student majoring in Telecommunications and minoring in Spanish, and is an aspiring television writer and producer.

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