Godzilla vs. Kong has grossed $285 million to date and looks to soon surpass $300 million. Here’s everything you need to know about the action flick that has revived theaters.

Written by: Kelly Levine – April 8th, 2021 9:18 am pst

Against all odds Godzilla VS. Kong has become the first post-pandemic box office success. The film which was concurrently released on both HBO Max and in theaters has earned $48.5 million at the domestic box office in its first five days, and $32.2 million over the three-day Easter weekend. It’s so far made more than $285 million worldwide, giving people hope that the theater experience will be returning to us soon. In fact, Godzilla VS. Kong’s success has played a part in theaters in New York and Los Angeles reopening. Of course, safety is the first priority so if you don’t feel comfortable heading to theaters yourself you can also catch Godzilla VS. Kong on HBO Max. However, if you are fully vaccinated and ready to venture back to movie theaters here are five reasons you should make your return with Godzilla VS. Kong

Battle of the Monsters

If you’ve been paying attention to the monster movie scene these past couple of years, then you’ll know Warner Brothers has been building its own cinematic universe with your favorite creatures. Godzilla himself was first introduced in a 2014 film of the same name while Kong has his own movie dedicated to him in 2017’s Kong: Skull Island. These were laying the groundwork for the eventual Monsterverse, which was further expanded upon in Godzilla: King of the Monsters two years ago. Famous “Titans’ ‘ like Mothra and the villainous Ghidorah were introduced in the film as both allies and enemies to Godzilla. This legendary meet up with Godzilla and Kong marks a pivotal point in the Monsterverse that you shouldn’t miss for the world. 

The Cast

Like the films that came before it in the “Monsterverse,” Godzilla VS. Kong boasts an incredibly impressive cast. Stranger Things’, Millie Bobby Brown returns to the franchise after making her debut in Godzilla: King of the Monsters while Deadpool 2 breakout star Julian Dennison joins the cast as her best friend. Other heavyweights in the cast, include Big Little Lies’ Alexander Skarsgård, Atlanta supporting star Brian Tyree Henry, and Rebecca Hall who you might recognize from Iron Man 3. Another cast member, Baby Driver’s Eiza González even used her Twitter account to poke fun at her role in the film by posting a photoshopped picture of her towering over both Kong and Godzilla. 

The Newcomer 

Familiar faces aren’t the only thing to get excited about in Godzilla vs. Kong. The film also introduces a breakout star to the acting scene, Kaylee Hottle who plays Jia, a deaf and orphaned Iwi native who forms a friendship with Kong. The two communicate through sign language to strengthen their bond and many have called their camaraderie the heart of the film. Kaylee Hottle was praised by not only critics but also her co-stars for her incredibly authentic performance. Being deaf herself, Kaylee has been fluent in American Sign Language since an early age, using it to communicate with her mother, father, and older sister who are also deaf. Kaylee’s proficiency in sign language is what launched her acting career in small time commercials before she received her big break in Godzilla vs. Kong

A Clear Winner

This isn’t the first time Godzilla and Kong have gone to battle against each other. The two titans actually faced off for the first time in the 1962 Japanese film King Kong vs. Godzilla. Like the film that came nearly sixty years after it, King Kong vs. Godzilla was a huge box office success and established monster movies as a viable money maker. Despite the King Kong vs. Godzilla being a beloved classic of international cinema, one complaint that has stood the test of time is the lack of a clear winner by the film’s conclusion. The 1962 version ends with Kong emerging from the ocean seemingly victorious, but it is heavily implied Godzilla survived as well. The director of Godzilla VS. Kong, Adam Wingard promised fans that this iteration will have a more solid outcome. He said, “I do want there to be a winner. The original film was very fun, but you feel a little let down that the movie doesn’t take a definitive stance. People are still debating now who won in that original movie, you know. So, I do want people to walk away from this film feeling like, Okay, there is a winner.” 

The Future 

A couple months ago Adam Wingard said that the Monsterverse was at a crossroads stating, “It’s really at the point where audiences have to kind of step forward and vote for more of these things. If this movie is a success obviously they will continue forward.” Considering the initial numbers from Godzilla VS. Kong’s box office run, more movies in the Monsterverse are a major possibility. So there is definitely an exciting future ahead for Godzilla, Kong, and all of his monstrous friends. 

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