In honor of the actress turning 27 years old today, we take a look back at his 5 times she taught us important life lessons.

Written by: Pooja Nayyar – April 12th, 2021 12:02 pm pst

Today is Saoirse Ronan’s 27th birthday! The Irish-American actress is known for her moving, masterful performances and at such a young age, has already left her mark as one of Hollywood’s greatest. In honor of her birthday, we take a look back at 5 lessons we learned from her most iconic roles. 

Lady Bird

As Christine McPherson in Lady Bird, Saoirse teaches us to never let anyone get in the way of our dreams. In the Oscar-nominated film we follow Christine on her journey through senior year. Between juggling the adversities of high school and managing a strained relationship with her mother, Christine teaches us that even if no one else believes, always chase the life you want. 

Little Women

In the film adaptation of the classic coming-of-age novel Little Women, Saoirse plays the feminist icon and ultimate girlboss Jo March. She challenges gender-norms, chases her dreams, and refuses to conform to societal expectations. In her journey to becoming a successful writer, Jo teaches us that you can create your own destiny. With all of the odds against her, she forged her way into a male-dominated business and created a successful career for herself. Even with the world telling her that she is crazy, she never gave up on her dreams. 

The Lovely Bones

In the 2009 drama, Saoirse plays Susie Salmon, a 14-year-old who was murdered and is now watching over her family from heaven. Susie shows us that while losing a loved one will always be difficult, you can take comfort in knowing they will live on in your memories. 


The 2020 romantic drama follows British paleontologist Mary Anning and her relationship with Charlotte Murchinson, played by Saoirse. The pair fall for each other and teach us that sometimes, love will find you when you least expect it. 


Brooklyn follows the journey of young Irish immigrant Eilis Lace, played by Saoirse, as she takes on 1950s Brooklyn. Eventually, she is forced to make the life-changing decision to either continue her journey in New York, or move back to her hometown. Eilis shows us that in life, self-evolution does not come without sacrifice. And just because we may leave some things behind, does not mean that they are erased from our lives forever. 

We have no doubt that Saoirse’s career is just beginning and that she will continue to grace the big screen with her incredible talents. We wish her a very happy birthday and hope she has an amazing day!

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