If you’re wanting to step up your holiday movie-watching nights, then we have you covered; here are 6 treats you can serve for different movies!

Written by: Kiley Hill – December 7th, 2021 5:23 pm pst

Elf, The Santa Claus, Home Alone, The Polar Express

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Classic holiday movies are always appearing this time of year, so how can you make your watch party more than just a movie night? These 5 movies have some memorable food moments that you can use to pair together.

Credit: TM & © Warner Bros

Elf – Snowball Sugar Cookies

Who could pass up sugar cookies? Plus, it’s the perfect snack for one of the most iconic scenes in the film!

Credit: TM & © Warner Bros

Christmas Vacation – Eggnog

No other holiday cocktail can really compare to the classic eggnog. Feel like a Griswold and sip this throughout the movie, you could even purchase glass moose cups to feel even more like a Griswold!

Credit: Walt Disney Pictures

The Santa Clause – Hot Fudge Sundae

Remember when Tim Allen wanted a hot fudge sundae… extra hot fudge… on the side? We do! So, make a sundae bar to enjoy while you watch the film. You could even be ambitious and watch all 3 if you wanted (we highly recommend that you do).

Credit: Castle Rock Entertainment

 The Polar Express – Hot Chocolate

Yeah, this one might be a bit obvious. But make you got it “hot-hot” to serve during the movie.

Credit: TM & © Fox

Home Alone – Cheese Pizza

This might be a bit cheesy… but keep it simple and order yourself a cheese pizza from your favorite place and you can still be festive!

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