If you think you’ve seen every Christmas movie there is, think again! Here are 8 Hallmark Christmas movies with major celebrity appearances.

Written by: Meagan Lynn – December 9th, 2021 11:55 am pst

Hallmark Christmas Movies

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If you think you’ve seen every Christmas movie there is, think again! Amidst the dozen of new films Hallmark releases every year, there are a few hidden gems with some major A-listers that you may have missed.

Here are eight movies to check out this Christmas season featuring some of our favorite actors:

A Season for Miracles

Nothing spells nostalgia for millennials quite like a nineties Christmas, and if you’re looking for a film to hit you right in the feels, look no farther than A Season for Miracles starring Laura Dern and Carla Gugino. Based on a book by the same name, Gugino plays Emilie Thompson, sister to Berry Thompson (Dern) who runs away with her sister’s two young children to keep them out of foster care when their mom is taken in for drug addiction.

November Christmas

This star-studded Hallmark Hall of Fame movie is also sure to hit hard this holiday season. With strong performances from heavy hitters like Sarah Paulson, John Corbett, and Sam Elliot November Christmas tells the story of 8-year-old Vanessa Marks (played by current up-and-comer Emily Alyn Lind, of Gossip Girl reboot fame) whose battle with cancer forces her parents to move up the holidays.

Silver Bells

If you’re a Friends fan, you can’t miss Tate Donovan in Silver Bells. Donovan plays widower Christy Byrne, a Christmas tree salesman who travels to New York City to sell trees every winter when one year his son, fed up with the family business, runs away to pursue his passion for photography. This movie packs the drama and the Christmas coziness–plus, you can catch a cameo from Victoria Justice!

A Grandma for Christmas

Ernest Borgnine is sure to make you fall in love with him as Bert O’Reilly in A Grandpa for Christmas. A retired song and dance man, Bert is forced into unknown territory when the granddaughter he never met before shows up at his door after her single mom gets in a car wreck and lands in the hospital. Get ready for some songs, a few tears, and lots of laughs as Borgnine navigates the awkwardness of becoming a grandparent for the first time.

Fallen Angel

Before he starred in the CSI franchise, Gary Sinise starred in a Hallmark Christmas movie! In Fallen Angel, Sinise plays a high-powered attorney who returns home to Maine after his father’s death to settle his estate, only to be faced with his past like he never expected. What happens next? You’ll have to watch to find out…

The Christmas Card

Who doesn’t love Ed Asner? (No one. The correct answer is no one). You’ve seen him in Star Wars, you listened to him voice Carl in Up, and now you can watch him as the loveable dad Luke Spelman in The Christmas Card, the story of a US soldier who travels to the town from which he received an uplifting Christmas card from a stranger.

The National Tree

What’s Christmas without a tree? Catch famed Hollywood “Brat Pack” member Andrew McCarthy in The National Tree as he plays Corey Burdock, a single dad who goes on a road trip across the country with a massive Christmas tree in tow when he and his son’s tree are chosen as the national Christmas tree. Find out if they can make it to D.C. in one piece in this movie chalked full of action, drama, and romance!

A Kiss Before Christmas

Last but not least, we have to shout out Hallmark for reuniting one of our favorite TV couples– Susan Mayer and Mike Delfino from Desperate Housewives– in the new Christmas movie A Kiss Before Christmas. Teri Hatcher and James Denton reunite as husband and wife in this charming tale of what happens when businessman Ethan Holt (Denton) wakes up one day with no wife, no kids, and a shiny new CEO position right before the holidays.

Got another holiday movie we need to check out? Send us a tweet @afterbuzzTV. And to all our fellow holiday movie enthusiasts, Merry Christmas and happy streaming!

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