Fans are fighting for the MCU to bring back Quicksilver, who has been played by both Evan Peters and Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

Written by: Daniella Baltazar – March 10th, 2021 8:52 pm pst

If you’ve been on Twitter recently, chances are you noticed #SaveQuicksilver is trending. Fans of Quicksilver (Pietro Maximoff in the MCU and Peter Maximoff in Fox’s X-Men films), are fighting for the MCU to bring him back.

Fans like @Colosspool, @heelixv, and @PETERMAX1MOFF are all sharing their favorite moments, what they had wished happened, and more.

He’s a well loved character in the comics, and fans want to see more of him! Here are five reasons we think the MCU should save Quicksilver:

His Dynamic with Wanda

While he caused A LOT of chaos in WandaVision, Wanda and Pietro were able to bicker and open up to each other in a way that only siblings can. Fans felt like their chemistry was realistic, and want to see more! Also, reintroducing Peter/Pietro would be a way to give Wanda someone in her corner, which we think she needs right now.

The MCU Already Cast Two Excellent Actors

Both Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Evan Peters have played Quicksilver in the MCU now. While Taylor-Johnson’s version died in Age of Ultron, Peters’ was turned into a boner joke in WandaVision. However, we think the MCU should continue Pietro/Peter’s arc because they already have two excellent actors who could play him.

To Resolve His X-Men Plotline

Quicksilver’s rights initially belonged to Fox, and Evan Peters played him in the X-Men franchise. After Disney got the rights from Fox, his storyline involving finding out his dad is Magneto was never resolved. Saving Quicksilver means that we can finally get some closure!

His Relationship With His Nephews

In WandaVision, we saw Pietro bond with the twins, but especially with Tommy. Much to Pietro’s delight, Tommy inherited his uncle’s superspeed. While everyone in Wanda’s family disappeared after the season finale, the post-credit scene showed that she’s probably looking for a way to bring them back. If Tommy and Billy return like they do in the comics, we’d love to see Pietro/Peter come back too.

It Can Help The Fox-Disney Merger

Reintroducing Quicksilver and clarifying his identity would help Fox’s X-Men universe merge into the MCU. Peter and Pietro are based on the same comic book character, making him a baseline of sorts. His character could help introduce the X-Men to the MCU, which opens up

A LOT of possibilities for future movies (Avengers vs. X-Men, anyone?)
While we don’t know if Quicksilver will be dashing back onto our screens, we’re keeping our fingers crossed. So keep an eye out for more info, and hopefully we’ll see him in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Daniella Baltazar is a senior at Emerson College currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Media Arts Production with a minor in Global and Post-Colonial Studies. She is a spring 2021 intern for AfterBuzz TV and is hoping to pursue a career in the entertainment industry.

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