With the recent success of other adaptations, we’re listing five YA books fans want to see adapted next!

Written by: Alexis Crandall – July 16th, 2021 3:48 pm pst

Books fans want to see on screen

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Red White and Royal Blue

In an alternate timeline where a female Democrat wins the 2016 election, first son Alex Claremont-Diaz, along with his sister, and the Vice President’s granddaughter, are American royalty. When Alex and his rival, the Prince of Wales, Henry have a confrontation at a wedding, a fake friendship is staged. This enemies-to-lovers story would make a great summer flick. Plus, the LGBT characters and plot line would be a refreshing perspective in the world of romcoms.

Cinderella is Dead

Another story based on Cinderella, but not a retelling. Teen girls are required to appear at the Annual Ball to find a partner who selects the girls based on their finery. When it’s Erin’s time to go to the ball, she would rather marry her childhood best friend, Sophia, than any of the men she knows will be there. She runs away and hides in Cinderella’s mausoleum where she learns that not everything is what it seems.

The Lunar Chronicles

A futuristic retelling of classic fairytales like Cinderella and Little Red Riding Hood set in different locations around the world, including France, North Africa, and space. A mysterious illness is running rampant through New Beijing and Cinder, a cyborg, is volunteered for testing. Her life gets intertwined with the prince’s who is trying to negotiate with the lunar colony and save his country. This series would make a great Netflix show, with each season following one of the books to fully dive into characters, their relationships, and the various plots in each.

House of Salt and Sorrows

This story is as if Barbie and the 12 Dancing Princesses was a horror movie. The daughters of the house by the sea seemed the be cursed. With four girls dying, the discovery of a mysterious court where they can dance all night seems to be a silver lining. But, Annaleigh is suspicious of what is really going on both in the court and inside her home. Rarely are horror movies based on YA novels, so this adaptation would be refreshing.

Love and Gelato

After the death of her mother, Lina is sent to Italy to spend the summer with her father she has never met. Initially resistant, she finds a journal belonging to her mother detailing her adventures in Italy. With the help of a local boy, Ren, Lina retraces her mother’s footsteps and uncovers secrets her mother kept from everyone. If adapted, Jenna Evans Welch’s other Love & novels, which take place in Ireland and Greece, would be perfect summer flicks for travel lovers.

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