Run to your TVs this holiday season because we’ve got a list of exciting new holiday films coming to a screen near you!

Written by: Hope Burley – December 3rd, 2021 11:09 am pst

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There’s nothing like cozying up on the couch with a cup of hot chocolate and a brand new holiday film on the tv to get you in the spirit! Lucky for you, there are tons of new holiday films coming to television this December. From Hallmark to Netflix and Lifetime, we’ve got a broad selection coming your way, so get ready!

Starting off with an exciting HSM reunion, Lifetime brings you: A Christmas Dance Reunion

Starring our favorites Monique Coleman and Corbin Bleu, A Christmas Dance Reunion tells the story of two high school dance partners reuniting thanks to the closing of a beloved resort. Naturally, the two pick up where they left off and attempt to save the resort and its dancing traditions. And it’s more than likely they’ll fall in love along the way! This Lifetime original film premieres on December 3rd, so be sure to tune in!

Coming up next on our holiday watchlist is another Lifetime original: The Holiday Fix-Up

Starring Jana Kramer, Ryan McPartlin, and our very own Maria Menounos, this holiday-centric film focuses on two exes renovating an inn after returning home for the holidays! If there’s one thing HGTV has taught us, it’s that a contractor x designer couple = couple goals, so we have a feeling there will be a rekindling of this romance by the end of the film. This holiday romance film will premiere on December 11th on Lifetime, mark your calendars!

Now switching over to Netflix, we have the third installment of the Princess Switch series: The Princess Switch 3: Romancing the Star

Starring not 1, not 2, but 3 Vanessa Hudgens’s, this Netflix original film follows the plot of the first two… focusing on royal lookalikes Margaret and Stacy, and now a third one appears? A priceless relic is stolen, which only leads to these identical women working together to find it. Honestly, is there any kind of relic that isn’t priceless? The first two films in this series have been a hit among audiences, and we can only imagine the third one will be triple the fun! This film is currently available to stream on Netflix!

Now that you’ve finished The Princess Switch 3: Romancing the Star, don’t turn off Netflix just yet!

Love Hard starring Nina Dobrev and Jimmy O. Yang is also available to stream!

Have you been victimized by online dating apps? This movie might hit a little too close to home then, but isn’t that what makes it great?

After flying 3,000 miles to meet her soulmate, Nina Dobrev realizes she’s been catfished… on Christmas nonetheless. Now this plotline isn’t brand new, but this story is one that needs to be told, as Dwight from The Office states, “Identity theft isn’t a joke!”. Naturally, Jimmy O. Yang and Nina Dobrev engage in efforts to find the real-life love that Nina’s character originally fell in love with. Will a Christmas miracle take place? Or, will these two defy the odds and end up as soulmates?

Now let’s look back to Lifetime with this LGBTQ inclusive film: Under the Christmas Tree

Have you ever endured the stress of finding the perfect Christmas tree for the governor of Maine? Probably not, but the main character in Under the Christmas Tree has, and lucky for her the perfect tree will lead her to love! This film will premiere on December 19th on Lifetime, don’t miss it!

Make way for Hallmark’s first-ever Hanukkah film: Eight Gifts of Hanukkah

Although Hallmark has featured Hanukkah in some of their films, Eight Gifts of Hanukkah is the first exclusively Hanukkah film they’ve done. The main character Sara receives anonymous gifts throughout the 8 days of Hanukkah. Seems like she’s got a secret admirer… but who? We’ve got the whole movie to find out! Premiering on December 3rd on the Hallmark Channel, this is a can’t miss new film!

Finally, we wrap up our new holiday film watchlist with the highly anticipated Netflix original: Single All the Way

Have you ever been shamed by your family for not bringing home a significant other during the holidays? Who hasn’t! Main character Peter is sick of being single and facing his family’s judgment. The solution? Bring home his best friend and convince his family they’ve finally fallen for each other. Obviously these things never go to plan, and perhaps they will finally decide to “ruin” the friendship once and for all! Single All the Way is the holiday film you need to watch this holiday season, so run to your nearest Netflix watching device and hop to because this holiday rom com is currently streaming!

There are approximately one million new holiday films coming to your tv screen this December. These are only a few of many great new releases, so all of your holiday film needs will be satisfied this season!

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Hope Burley is a senior at Penn State University studying Telecommunications with a focus in television production.

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