Travis Burns is stepping into the horror genre with his new film Dreamcatcher. Check out how this film pays homage to horror movie classics.

Written by: Benny Adams – March 22nd, 2021 2:07 pm pst

If you’re in the mood for a good horror movie, then look no further because I have the one just for you.

Dreamcatcher was released in March, and it has everything a fan of horror needs, and even more.

Dreamcatcher follows a group of friends, who after attending an underground music festival, find themselves immersed into violence and mayhem.

I spoke with Travis Burns who plays Dylan, a DJ who goes by the name of “DJ Dreamcatcher” who is on the brink of superstardom. Burns touched on how this movie pays homage to classic horror films from the past, and what drew him to this project in the first place.

“Everyones is always interested in doing horror. When this project was presented to me I thought this would be amazing because it’s so different from the films I usually do. I had to pinch myself because this was so surreal that I was doing this, and I made sure to enjoy every second of it.” Said Burns as he explained why this film caught his eye.

Jacob Johnston wrote and directed Dreamcatcher, and right off the bat you can tell the film gives off nostalgia of older horror classics we have come to love.

“Jacob Johnston is a massive horror geek. He loves horror, and I love horror as well. We wanted to get a take on the classics, but also give the film a modern twist at the same time.” Explained Burns.

When it comes to Burns’ favorite horror movie, he had to go with an all time 90’s classic that is still hailed as one of the greatest to this day.

“I love I Know What You Did Last Summer. That was one of the first horror movies I ever watched. I just remember watching it over and over again.” Said Burns

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Dreamcatcher isn’t the only movie you’ll see Travis in, he’s also in an upcoming feel good film called Save The Date.

Outside of showing his talent on the big screen, Travis is a massive golf fan, and is working on a business launching in April called Kjore Golf, where you can buy apparel and accessories.

You can stream Dreamcatcher right now on Amazon Prime.

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