With James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad filled with an absurdly wacky group of characters, has us thinking about some of the other ridiculous Suicide Squad members we would love to see in a future movie!

Written by: Connor Rose – August 7th, 2021 9:01 pm pst

Suicide Members we want to see

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With the highly-anticipated The Suicide Squad hitting theaters and HBO Max, fans can be excited to see some of the wackiest and most ludicrous super-powered misfits in the DC Universe. Featuring characters such as King Shark, The Detachable Kid, and The Polka-Dot man, James Gunn’s first outing in the DC Extended Universe gives fans a wonderful glimpse into the oddity of the Suicide Squad roster.

Although already stacked with a cast of absurdly super-powered individuals, the larger DC Universe has even more ridiculous characters that could easily be put into a future DCEU endeavor.

Condiment King

A villain from Batman’s rogues gallery, Condiment King uses a vast array of condiments to commit crimes such as robbery and petty theft. In addition to his sub-par skills as a criminal, he bombards his victims with a barrage of condiment based puns.

Clearly not a top-tier villain, Condiment King could be an amazing comic relief character in a future DC movie, hopefully joining the ranks of the Suicide Squad down the road. 

Count Vertigo

Like the name suggests, Count Vertigo is a criminal who gives his opponents vertigo-like symptoms with the power of his mind. As a disgraced noble who lost his land to Soviet invaders, he uses his powers to grab any power he can in an effort to reclaim his throne.

The inclusion of Count Vertigo in future DC projects could help provide more Suicide Squad members with ulterior motives that rest outside of the unit of misfits and bring a totally unseen powerset to the squad.

Clock King

One of the wackier villains in the DC Universe, the Clock King is a villain with no powers beyond a rigid sense of time and order. He’s a master planner and relies on clock-themed gadgetry to carry out his nefarious schemes.

Although lacking meaningful powers, the Clock King could serve as a great inclusion into the Suicide Squad for his tactical mind and absolutely ridiculous costuming. In addition, he could be a fun foil in a potential Green Arrow movie.  

Ambush Bug

Ambush Bug is a character who is certainly odd on his own. Despite having the ability to teleport, the Ambush Bug is simply a skinny man in the costume and can be defeated with surprising ease by more ridiculous characters, surprisingly taking down more powerful superheroes.

I would be pleasantly surprised if Ambush Bug made an appearance in the DC Extended Universe and eventually joined the Suicide Squad. He could make a wonderfully weird addition to the team and really embody the wackiness and self-aware absurdity James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad  has become known for now.


With an admiration for sports, Sportsmaster uses his athleticism and proficiency with sports equipment to commit a vast array of crimes. Working a wide array of jobs, from petty criminal to a mercenary for a cult of assassins, his history is varied and shows just how oddly useful and adaptable his skills are to many situations.

Making appearances in shows like Young Justice and Stagirl, it’s not unlikely Sportsmaster could make an appearance in either the Suicide Squad or somewhere else in the larger DC Extended Universe, probably bringing all his sports equipment along with him.

Mr. 104

A villain of DC’s Doom Patrol, Mr. 104 is able to shift into any element on the periodic table. Using this transformation ability, he can make a variety of weapons and tools out of combinations of these elements, making him a very useful member of the Suicide Squad.

If a new Suicide Squad roster were made down the road for a future sequel, Mr. 104 would be the perfect ‘out of the box’ pick for the already zany team.

Kite Man

A character that has had a surprising amount of popularity in recent years, Kite Man would be a wonderful addition to the Suicide Squad. His Kite wingsuit gives him the ability to fly, a power very few members of the Suicide Squad have, as well as his notorious banter being a breath of fresh air in the broody Batman universe.

Not only would Kite Man be a great addition to the Suicide Squad, he would be a great addition to any DC property. 

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