Mindy Kaling’s Late Night, Female-Driven Comedies, and Dances with Films Festival | LAOFCS Weekly Ep. 34

On this episode of LAOFCS Weekly, Behind the Lens’ Debbie Lynn Elias will be joined by Carla Renata aka The Curvy Critic and Katie Kilkenny of the Hollywood Reporter to discuss this week’s newest releases including X-Men: Dark Phoneix, Late Night, The Secret Lives of Pets 2, The Last Black Man in San Francisco and Pavarotti.
In addition, this week’s episode will be centered around female-driven comedies in celebration of Late Night and will feature a preview of the Dances with Films Festival taking place next week in Los Angeles.
Debbie Lynn Elias @moviesharkd
Carla Renata Twitter: @TheCurvyCritic
Katie Kilkenny Twitter: @katiekilkenny7

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Each week, the show will feature four weekly segments which include:
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-Independent Spotlight – A weekly Indie film suggestion from each member on the panel. The film can be playing in theaters, on-demand, or various streaming services.
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-Special Topic – Each week there will be a special conversation about something going on the industry or something that ties into this week’s episode.

Who are the LAOFCS?

Los Angeles is the home of Hollywood and the film industry. There are hundreds of critics in the Los Angeles area and yet there was only one critic’s circle. San Francisco, New York, Austin, and all other major cities throughout the USA have an online critics group but not Los Angeles. We wanted to change that and therefore launched the Los Angeles Film Critics Society (LAOFCS) at the end of 2016.

By creating this group, they wanted to ensure that the members of their society are reflective of those who reside in the city of Los Angeles. Diversity is very important in film criticism and they want to make sure that all voices are represented within our group. They also want to embrace members that are finding new ways to criticize film whether that be through video, podcasts, or on social media.

Over the next few years, the Los Angeles Online Film Critics Society is hoping to redefine what it means to be part of a film critics group by having a year-round presence. Most film critic circles at the end of each year begin to appear to discuss their favorite films of the year. They wanted to create a film critics group that would openly discuss film throughout the year and not just during award season.