Wonder Woman 1984!!! Swamp Thing Cancelled?! WB Not At Hall H!?! – DC Movie News

Join us for a very special episode of DC Movie News with guest appearances from people we love, and Adam from the FUTURRREEE! Unfortunately nobody was in town to shoot; but we made it work! So much to talk about today because Adam’s Heart’s shattered by the cancellation of Swamp Thing, we learn WB won’t be at hall H and discuss our thoughts on that; as well as a BRAND NEW PROMO FOR WONDER WOMAN 1984!!! So much to talk about, so little time, so welcome to our DC’s Of Future Past episode!
On a week where everyone is out of town, the DC Movie News team have still sent in their thoughts remotely and there might be a few cameos from friends of the show! – WB will not be sharing anything in Hall H this year, there is an incredible new Wonder Woman 1984 Poster, Matt Reeves tweets about Batinson casting, and Swamp Thing is….. Cancelled?!

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