We look at the Sandra Bullock 2000’s comedy ‘Miss Congeniality’ and its impact more than 20 years later.

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Happy April 25th, a day that’s not too hot and not too cold!

Today marks the long-standing tradition of celebrating that iconic April 25th scene of Miss Congeniality. As the pop culture world celebrates the “perfect” date, we look at the film’s significance after more than 20 years.

Sandra Bullock Makes Her Mark As Our Comedy Queen

Bullock had already made a name for herself since the late ‘80s, but we can’t ever forget her monumental character, Gracie Hart. Playing a Special Agent for the FBI with a tough exterior, Bullock never shied away from harsh but hilarious quips. We’ll never forget her turning her siren on in her police car so she could make it to Starbucks, cutting everyone else in line.

We Get To Witness That Classic Strut Scene. . . And Fall

Bullock’s walk towards the jet is ingrained in history books forever. She gets slow-motion treatment as she struts in her gorgeous purple dress and high heels to the tune of “Mustang Sally.” What makes it so much better is when she falls from the height of the heels, something we all can relate to. She still looks fantastic as she stands, showing it won’t slow her down.

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Gracie Hart Is The Powerful FBI Agent We Need

While Bullock’s character Gracie worked amid a boy’s club of FBI agents, she proved she was as strong as all of them. She used her knowledge and combat skills to stand up for what she believed in. Even as a child, she made sure that no one messed with her or anybody she cared about, even if sometimes it didn’t work in her favor.

The Magic Of The Pageant

Every look from that film is so stylish. I mean, it is centered around a beauty pageant, so they live up to the hype of it all. We love how every pageant contestant shines in the same dress. The dance scene is pretty fun too.

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The Female Empowerment

While some gender roles and jokes are pretty outdated, we love how Gracie evolves from hating pageants to making friends with the contestants. She realizes she needs to save them not because of her job but because she cares about them. We love seeing all the women support each other!

It’s been a while since Miss Congeniality premiered in 2000, but it still has so much significance today to all movie lovers out there.

Make sure to spend your April 25th with the help of a light jacket!

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