If you‘re like us you still can’t get enough of these amazing Hindi-language films! Well no problem, here is part 4 where we get into some amazing hidden gems.

Written by: Riddhima Dave – August 17th, 2021 12:57 pm pst

Hidden Gem Hindi language films

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I have been recommending various Hindi movies, many of which are super popular. Certain films are excellent, but just don’t get as much attention as they should. Some of these became big when they were released but somehow lost some fanbase. Some are famous within India but are not well known to foreign audiences. Here are seven Hindi movies, you must watch.

Andhadhun (Blindly)

Are you tired of watching movies where you can predict every next thing? How about a movie that keeps you at the edge of your seat till the very last second? That is exactly what Andhadhun does. Andhadhun will keep you hooked to your screens as you question every next plot move. Aakash is a pianist who fakes being blind to get ahead in his career. Everything goes fine, until he witnesses a murder, with the culprits convinced he is blind. What follows is a series of twists, the gripping and inventive storyline is a refreshing break from traditional cinema. It was one of the most entertaining movies I have ever watched and I don’t want to give away too much. My only advice is: Just watch it.

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The Lunchbox

While The Lunchbox garnered significant attention after being noticed at international film festivals, I still believe the movie deserves more recognition and is not widely known outside India. This beautifully narrated yet simple story is heartwarming. Ila feels that her marriage lacks the spark and in an attempt to gain her husband’s attention and affection, prepares lunch for him. Only, it ends up going to a soon-to-retire widower. Realizing that her lunchbox went to a stranger, she sends a note with the next one thus beginning an unlikely friendship. This critically acclaimed movie has now become an essential watch for any cinephile and will make you believe in the power of destiny.

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Dev D

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An artsy- retelling of the classic story of Devdas, Dev D has the skeleton of the former films but takes the narrative in a different direction. The film is divided into three parts, each exploring the point of view of the main characters. Paro eagerly awaits Dev’s return from London. Egotistic Dev takes Paro for granted and believes scandalous rumors about her and belittles her. His arrogance and behavior causes her to leave him and she decides to marry someone else. In another frame, Leni, a young high school age girl becomes involved in a scandal when a sexual MMS of hers is leaked online. She decides to reject a life of shame and begins working as a prostitute once she turns 18, adopting the name Chanda. She meets Dev when he arrives at her brothel drunk. Dev has turned to a life of alcohol and drugs after losing Paro. Dev D is darker than the original story of Devdas but thankfully ends on a better note. The direction and the way the story unfolds makes it an interesting watch.

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Pink is a beautiful social drama about a woman and her roommates/best friends who find themselves in a difficult situation. After a night about town, Minal, Falak, and Andrea begin interacting with a group of boys. When one of them tries to force himself upon Minal, she proceeds to severely injure him. After a series of difficult moments, the characters find themselves in a courtroom battle. We see how women’s issues concerning sexual assault are viewed in the country. The subtle yet impactful storyline exposes the privilege given to wealthy men and the scrutiny that surrounds women in this country. Why this story is so impactful is because this issue, while prevalent in India, resonates everywhere. The powerful narrative makes this an engaging and essential watch.

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Rock on!!

Rock On as the name suggest is a musical drama concerning four friends and band members. The group, Magik hopes to make it big and participates in a competition to win a deal for a music video. Upon winning, they realize creating a video is easy. Among creative differences and group grievances, the group disbands. The group’s lead singer Aditya goes on to become a successful investment banker and marries Sakshi. The latter is unaware of his musical past and on discover such, tries to get the members together. The movie is a must watch for any music lover. It was a big hit in India but it is largely unmentioned to foreign audiences. Friendship, love and music are the main themes presented in the movie.

Watch on Netflix.

Aankhon Dekhi (As You Can See)

Featuring Sanjay Mishra, Aankhon Dekhi looks at life in a mind-blowingly different way. Rajesh decides that he will only believe the things that he himself sees and will not give in to perceptions. He decides to take this philosophy in a very extreme direction refusing to recommend places to his clients at the travel company he works at since he has not seen the locations and even getting involved in gambling which he sees nothing wrong in. Rajesh finds himself experiencing a lot of emotional and personal clarity. His relationships experience changes but he refuses to give this philosophy up. Aankhon Dekhi is narrated in a simple way about a simple man but encompasses a lot of ideas. Truly introspective and enriching, Aankhon Dekhi is something everyone must watch. It is unlike any other story and offers a fresh perspective on life.

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Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro (Let It Go Buddy)

I have seen too much political drama and not enough political satire. Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron is a hilarious take on corruption in India and how powerful people can bend laws to their will. Vinod and Sudhir are young men who own a photo studio. They are hired by journalist Shobha Sen, to photograph the lives and lies of these powerful people, especially builder Tarneja and the corrupt municipal commissionar D’Mello. The duo becomes enmeshed in a murder and a comedy of errors occurs to expose the dysfucntional system that is all too real.

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