If you love romance and want to explore a new genre of film we have some amazing picks for you. Check out part two of our Hindi language films you need to watch!

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Hindi movies are often called multi-genre because they encompass a lot of different themes. Even so, there are several movies solely dedicated to love. I grew up on Hindi movies but my favourite genre growing up was romance. Hindi movie romances are often passionate, dedicated love affairs that make any viewers’ hearts melt. I love watching Hindi love stories because of the intensity of love in them. Romance lovers, you must definitely watch these seven Bollywood movies:

Kal Ho Na Ho (Tomorrow May Never Come)

An emotional romantic saga about Naina, Aman and Rohit, Kal Ho Na Ho explores love, loss and friendship. Embittered Naina lives in New York with her mother, grandmother and siblings in a toxic and dysfunctional family dynamic. Naina and Rohit are best friends who go to MBA classes together and he is obviously in love with her. Soon comes a happy-go-lucky, always smiling Aman who opens Naina’s world to experience joy as he preaches “Kal Ho Na Ho” (tomorrow may never come). Naina soon finds herself in love with Aman, with the feelings reciprocated only this union can never be. What follows is an emotional journey as the three navigate family, love, and life. Make sure you have a handful of tissues by your side, for this movie guarantees a lot of tears.

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Shubh Mangalam Savdhaan & Shubh Mangalam Zyaada Savdhaan (Beware of Marriage & Be Extra Careful of Marriage)

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The two movies have similar casts but are not connected. Shubh Mangal Savdhaan is a new age comedy about a man who is about to be married but discovers he is suffering from erectile dysfunction. In a country where the topic of sex in itself is taboo, this film makes a bold choice addressing a universally hush-hush subject. Approached in a lighthearted yet compassionate manner, Shubh Mangal Savdhaan is a voice against toxic masculinity and societal expectations. It is simply a story about two people who truly and desperately love each other and despite all odds.

Shubh Mangal Zyaada Savdhaan addresses another taboo topic in India- homosexual love. Homosexuality was tagged as a legal offense in India up until 2018. Stories about gay couples have always received stigma and the topic in itself is rarely addressed. This has fortunately changed since 2018 and stories like Shubh Mangal Zyaada Savdhaan have emerged, representing all kinds of love. The social comedy has a similar approach to the previous one and again is a simple story of two people who truly and desperately love each other, against all odds. How homosexuality is viewed by families and society in India is realistically depicted yet through the lens of humor.

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Whenever people ask me if Bollywood really is as grand as they say, I ask them to watch any movie made by Sanjay Leela Bhansali. Big-budget Bollywood movies are often grand, but Bhansali takes the cake in set design and aesthetics. Dev returns from London to an eagerly waiting Paro, their childhood friendship turned into love. However, this romance is cut short due to the class differences between Dev and Paro and the match is opposed by Dev’s parents. Paro is married off to a wealthy aristocrat and Dev leaves home to seek shelter in a brothel. Paro’s loss leads him to turn to alcohol to cope. Devdas is heartbreaking, dramatic and grand. It manages to convey loss while looking absolutely beautiful.

Other movies by Bhansali are also aesthetically magnificent. Recent examples include Bajirao Mastaani and Padmavat.

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Dil Se (From the Heart)

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Mani Ratnam is traditionally a South Indian cinema legend but Dil Se is one of his Hindi language masterpieces. Dil Se is the third of Mani Ratnam’s epic trilogies. Young Amarkant slowly begins to fall for a young woman. The movie depicts the seven shades of love through Amarkant. We learn that the woman is a member of the extremist liberation movement in India. The tragic yet undying love that the man holds will make any heart melt. Experience passionate and yet futile love in Dil Se as your heart connects with the characters. The wonderful locations and AR Rahman’s music infuse additional sensitivity to the movie.

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Love Aaj Kal (Love Today and Yesterday)

Have you ever felt like love and relationships have seen a massive shift in recent years? Well Love Aaj Kal attempts to highlight that while the structure of relationships may have changed, love central to any relationship remains similar throughout generations. Jai and Meera break up to focus on their respective careers. They remain good friends and throw themselves into their own lives but somehow we understand that these lovebirds are made for each other. Several years before, we see Veer and his story of the struggle to unite with his love Harleen. The film starts off looking at how things look different but we soon start noticing the parallels between the present-day and past. Love Aaj Kal makes you believe in the power of love and how the feeling of love is not generational.

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There is another Love Aaj Kal, a second rendition by the same makers released in 2020. This is the 2009 version and I find the old one to be a better movie overall.

Jab We Met (When We Met)

If you love cute romcoms with great backdrops and an excellent background score, look no further than Jab We Met. Down in life, Aditya meets bubbly Geet on a train and they embark on a journey together. The chemistry between Geet and Aditya is organic and adorable. Aditya’s disposition towards Geet makes him a swoon-worthy character and Geet’s life philosophy is invigorating. A comfort watch for lovers and lovers of romance, Jab We Met makes a sweet addition to your romcom collection.

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Another tissue-requiring movie, Veer-Zara is the tragic tale of star-crossed lovers Veer and Zara. Veer is an airforce pilot with the Indian army and Zara is a soon-to-be married Pakistani aristocrat. The relations between India and Pakistan and Zara’s impending marriage make, this match unlikely. Even so, against all odds, Veer goes to meet Zara in Lahore, Pakistan and somehow ends up in jail on a wrongful accusation. The heartbreaking story of true love ignites hope and dedication and will definitely draw a strong emotional reaction from audiences.

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Tamasha (Spectacle)

A love story that makes you believe in not just love but also yourselves, your hopes and dreams, Tamasha runs on an almost poetic narrative. The psychological romance explores feelings of societal expectations and inner personalities that often conflict with such expectations. Underlying is a romance between Ved and Tara which is unconditional, epic but somehow relatable.

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