Enchantress Inside Look, Villain in Suicide Squad Revealed? – DC Movie News #42 (September 10th, 2015)

Popcorn Talk Network proudly presents DC Movie News! In this vodcast series hosts Jonny Loquasto, Adam Gertler, and Roxy Striar – as the name implies – discuss all things DC related. This week, Roxy’s out of town, so we welcome special guest hosts Ricky Middlesworth and Thea Trinidad to the studio to talk all about the new DC News for the week! First up, new BVS images surface! Let’s take a look! Next, Zach Snyder defends against Spielberg’s comments on superhero films, 3 signs that Batman is the crown jewel of DC, and is The Rock readying himself to play Black Atom?! Also, In TV TIME! (que Music) There’s a Flash Season 2 Promo released! All this and more on today’s DC Movie News! Follow Jonny Loquasto on Twitter! Follow Adam Gertler on Twitter! Follow Roxy Striar on Twitter!