Disney Channel star Scarlett Estevez talks about upcoming film Christmas Again, Christmas traditions, becoming a role model for young girls, and more!

Written by: Chae Jones – November 30th, 2021 9:59 pm pst

Scarlett Estevez Interview

Credit: Disney Channel

The holidays are upon us and we all love watching our favorite past and upcoming Disney Channel Christmas episodes during the season. This year for the first time since 2000 Disney Channel has a new original Christmas movie to share with us all.

Chae’ Jones was able to chat with Scarlett Estevez during a virtual junket for the new Disney Channel Original Movie Christmas Again. Estevez talked about some of her Christmas traditions, being a role model in Ultra Violet and Black Scorpion, and advice to those who have trouble letting in new people. 

Credit: Disney Channel

Christmas is for spending time with your family, except when everything you loved about Christmas comes with extra people and things seem to go wrong at each turn.  Estevez’s character Rowena makes a wish for a Christmas do-over but what she doesn’t expect is to be stuck in a Christmas time loop. When asked what she learned about herself from filming the movie Estevez said,  “I think something that I learned about myself during filming of this movie is you know the realness of that message. I mean when I was first getting the script I was like oh my god this is so sweet but I didn’t realize how much it applies to me. Once I was portraying this character, portraying this part, and being a part of this movie I realized how much family meant to me and how much family just meant to be around with during the holiday and being with them during Christmas time and just hanging out with people that you love. I think that that became a really special message to me during filming this movie.”

Credit: Disney Channel

We all have our favorite things to do with our families during the holidays. Eventually, we have traditions that we partake in every year that are some of the best memories we make and can’t wait to do again next year. “Yeah. I got to my grandma’s house like all the time. Usually, we spend Christmas with my cousins, my aunts, and uncles, my great grandparents and that’s always such a special thing. That’s why I feel like I can relate to this movie on such a different level because of the traditions I have like going to my grandma’s house, and we usually cook pig in a box and play White Elephant, and all that type of stuff.” Estevez shared her favorite Christmas traditions. 

Estevez will also star in the new Disney Channel series Ultra Violet & Black Scorpion. This comedy will focus on Violet as she learns how to become a superhero after she is chosen by a magical luchador mask. She also gets help from her uncle, a luchador wrestling coach who is already a superhero named “Black Scorpion” as she continues to keep her identity secret. When asked how she feels about playing a character that will be a role model for young girls, Estevez replied, “Yeah, I think being a part of this T.V. show is super special because when I was growing up there’s not a lot of superheroes that I can look at and be oh my god, like I look like her! And I think that’s such a special thing and I think that my character hopefully being a role model to kids being able to watch is such a special thing. Being a part of the Latinx culture and being able to be a strong, independent young woman in this show…I mean I think that’s gonna be such a super cool thing and I hope that kids can look up to me and feel like oh my god, that’s so cool!”

Want to know what Estevez picked while playing “Christmas This or That” or what advice she’d give to someone who is having trouble letting new people in like her character Rowena? Click Here for the full interview!

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