Cosplay Coach Ep. 11 – Spandex & Superheroes!

The Popcorntalk Network proudly presents The Cosplay Coach! In depth costume breakdowns on your favorite films and cinematic works alongside tips and tricks on how to create your own Cosplay! Today Meredith Placko (@mplacko), Emma Fyfe (@EmmaFyfe), Alana Jordan (@alanajordan) discuss ROAD TO COMIC CON! San Diego Comic Con is coming up July 9-12 and we want to get you ready for one of the biggest conventions of the season! This week we’ll be talking about spandex and Superheroes!!! First introduced in the 1950s, Spandex is a great fabric for swimsuits, superhero costumes, etc. The stretchiness that makes it so great for these things, though, is also what makes it so tricky to work with. Like any knit fabric, it’s a lot more manageable if you use a serger, but you can also use your standard sewing machine, it’s just a bit more difficult. Cosplay Coach theme song by Niko Makaris