The Cast & Creators of Bastards Y Diablos on iTalk Movies

iTalk movies is a long-form interview series featuring leading members of the film community. In this episode, host Kylie Hodges interviews AD Freese, Andrew Perez, Dillon Porter, and Eric Johnson in studio on the Popcorn Talk Network. Bastards y Diablos is a feature film shot entirely on location all across Colombia. It is director A.D. Freese’s first narrative feature and will premiere June 14th in the Los Angeles Film Festival as part of the US Fiction Competition. Penned by screenwriter Andrew Perez and based loosely on real circumstances & events from his life, Bastards y Diablos takes the audience on a spontaneous, passionate adventure through Colombia… LOGLINE: Two estranged brothers adventure through Colombia to fulfill their dead father’s will and connect with their family, their father’s homeland, and – ultimately – each other. The Bastards y Diablos team is a small collection of dedicated artists who have worked together countless times and decided to that this movie needed to be made, even without outside investors. When Producer Dillon Porter sprung for the tickets to Colombia – and made some courageous financial risks to rally the troops – our crew of six took a leap of faith and spent 35 days working tirelessly to realize this story. Bastards y Diablos is unique in it’s unbridled passion, in it’s creative storytelling, in it’s ensemble mix of trained and untrained actors, in it’s realistic and sometimes documentary-like feel, and in it’s revelation of Colombia in ways never before seen in an American movie – as captured exquisitely by Director of Photography Peter Grigsby. We’re excited to share this journey with our audience – the making of Bastards was a life-changing experience for all involved and we believe that the energy and exuberance of our voyage will find its way into the hearts of our audience. @ThePopcornTalk