Rob Lowe hosts the new Netflix comedy special Attack of the Hollywood Clichés, filled with entertaining takes on Hollywood’s most famous tropes and stereotypes

Written by: Hope Burley – September 24th, 2021 9:30 am pst

Attack of the Hollywood cliches review

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Coming to Netflix on September 28th, Attack of the Hollywood Clichés is a comical breakdown of well-known cliches and film stereotypes we see every day in Hollywood. From “Meet Cutes” to “The White Savior,” Rob Lowe hosts hour-long special diving into some of the most common cliches in classic and modern films. The special, directed by Sean Doherty, is complete with examples from all our favorite movies, along with input from film critics, actors, broadcasters, and more. 

The best thing about movie cliches is that, although most of the time we are aware of the cliche being portrayed, we don’t exactly realize it at the moment it’s shown to us. They are often so well fitted into the film that it isn’t apparent the same trope from an “old-Hollywood classic” is being utilized in modern cinema. 

Doherty takes an explain-by-example approach in this 58-minute feature, as Rob Lowe introduces us to a familiar cliché accompanied by several different uses in well-known films. While poking fun at the constant use of such basic storytelling techniques, the series also emphasizes how they’ve changed over time, making them vital regardless of their “cliché-ness.” 

From old-fashioned love stories to the first action films, there are clichés that everyone loves. The “meet-cute,” is one of the most prominent in romantic movies, is on display in Attack of the Hollywood Clichés as the cast dives into the pros and cons of the favorite introduction tactic. 

The highlight of this Netflix special is not just the endless examples of well-loved scenes, but it’s the commentary on these tropes and the emphasis on clichés that might not even be perceived as clichés. Of course, there are classic romantic tropes, horror movie tropes, but diving into action films, there are clichés that might not cross the everyday viewer’s mind. They certainly didn’t cross ours. 

Actors like Florence Pugh and Andrew Garfield weigh in, as well as Andie MacDowell from Four Weddings and a Funeral, who gives her opinions on clichés she took part in. These unexpected guests provide commentary that makes this special worth the while. Rather than just a recap of every cliché in Hollywood and its use, we hear how they have impacted others in the industry.

Whether you’re a film buff, a Hollywood cliché lover, or just a regular movie-goer who’s looking for something to watch, this Netflix special is a unique one that’s bound to teach you something. Rob Lowe’s comical stance on the script keeps it entertaining, allowing us to laugh at these stereotypes that are seemingly necessary to storytelling. Will the Hollywood clichés ever outgrow modern Hollywood? We say no! Despite their somewhat obvious  “re-use” throughout cinema over the years, Hollywood clichés have lasted this long because they work, and we like them. This Netflix comedy special shows us just how good they can be and have been in all our favorite Hollywood films.

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Hope Burley is a senior at Penn State University studying Telecommunications with a focus in television production.

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