Action Movie Anatomy asks What Are the Top 5 Pixar Movies?

Written by: Keagen Fritz – March 10th 2020, 10:39am pst

With the release of Pixar’s Onward last weekend, The Action Guys Ben Bateman and Andrew Ghai list off their Top 5 Pixar movies of all time.  Given Pixar’s incredible track record, this list was excruciating to whittle down to just five but they gave it their best shot.

But first, some honorable mentions. Coco, Monsters. Inc, Finding Nemo, are some of the most celebrated Pixar movies and there’s no debating their impact and importance within cinema. However, they don’t make our top 5!

credit: Pixar

#5: The Incredibles

Starting off at number five we have The Incredibles, an incredible superhero movie that came out before superhero movies were the “it” thing. From a stellar cast to groundbreaking animation and character design, The Incredibles was able to tell a coming of age family drama rooted in action and wrapped in the now iconic Pixar bow. This especially resonated with our Action Guys as it has enough set pieces to make even Michael Bay giddy.

credit: Pixar

#4: Toy Story 3

Toy Story 3 takes the spot of number four, even though there are Pixar fans that would probably put this at their number one spot. This was the second Pixar movie to be nominated for Best Picture, following Up, and does a seamless job at touching on all the themes from the first two Toy Story movies. It didn’t hurt that it came out a time when most fans of the original two have reached an age similar to Andy, which allows it to reach an emotional level most movies only dream of.

credit: Pixar

#3: Toy Story

Of course, you can’t praise the third without respecting the original. That’s why Toy Story is our third pick. If it wasn’t for Toy Story, Pixar wouldn’t be where they are today and it truly defined what the potential could be for new animated movies. Not to mention the introduction of one of the most Iconic film duos, Woody and Buzz.

credit: Pixar

#2: UP

Even with the legacy that the Toy Story franchise, they don’t crack our top 2! Coming in at number two our runner up is Up. It wouldn’t be surprising if this is the number one pick on your list and we wouldn’t blame you! It’s a beautiful tale of love, loss and friendship that manages to illicite tears within the first 10 minutes of runtime. “Up is an incredibly mature story filled with emotion that still manages to be bright and fun when needed. If there was any doubt that Pixar could create complex characters, this movie ended that discussion. But, it isn’t our top pick!

credit: Pixar

#1: Inside Out

The Pixar movie that deserves the top spot must be one that leaves a distinct impact on the audience’s perspective on both themselves and the world around them. None do it better than Inside Out, which steals the prize as our number one pick! Inside Out gave viewers a fresh way to engage with their mind and truly contemplate how they process their emotions with respect to how one can grow and mature.

This movie made you stop and wonder about the various cogs that spin as you think and feel, while also displaying a separation between those thoughts and feelings and the individual by way of personification. By visualizing the importance of emotional balance, anyone watching can accept their negative emotions as necessary for the experience of positive emotions, creating a greater sense of self-acceptance.

It is also one of the most relatable Pixar movies as everyone deals with themes relating to family and the pursuit of happiness. There’s no doubt why many consider this to be their masterpiece.

How would you organize your Top 5 Pixar list? Any changes? Did we miss a favorite of yours? Let us know!

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Keagen Fritz is a screenwriting and production major at California State University Fullerton with growing industry experience.

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