Spooky season is right around the corner and what better way to celebrate than by watching some new films! Here are 5 of the movies coming to Netflix in October to add to your list!

Written by: Abby Wu – September 28th, 2021 3:48 pm pst

Films to watch

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The Guilty (October 1)

Jake Gyllenhaal stars in The Guilty, where he plays a troubled police detective who had been demoted to 911 operator duty trying his best to save the life of a distressed caller. The movie was a remake of a Danish film from 2018, and the entire story takes place over the course of a single night, which was a challenge, but Gyllenhaal’s performance is impeccable in this film. Fun fact, while filming this movie, director Antoine Fuqua who has worked with Gyllenhaal previously, was directing over Zoom a block away in a trailer, so this required a lot of remote communication and walkie talkies to finish the film during the pandemic.

There’s Someone Inside Your House (October 6)

This new take on a slasher thriller has a modern-day twist, focused on the lives of young teens and their fear of the cancel culture. A high school senior, Sydney Park, and the rest of her class are being targeted by a masked killer outing them for their deepest secrets. It will be interesting to see how modern-day social media will take over a thriller. This movie is coming out on October 6th, so get your spooky season cap on and get ready to be scared!

Stuck Together (October 20)

Get ready for this pandemic French comedy that reveals what is important in life when a world crisis like this happens. The story goes through the lives of seven different families and how they are dealing with COVID. It shows them going through every emotion possible, from joy to stress to family struggles but it will for sure make you laugh. Make sure to check out this heartwarming film coming soon on Netflix!

Night Teeth (October 20)

Debby Ryan stars as Blaire in a new film, Night Teeth, a new vampire adventure tale coming to Netflix in October. The film is centered around a college student that ends up driving around vampire assassins on a long night out. We need to talk about how fun the lineup for this cast is, including Megan Fox, Raul Castillo, Alexander Ludwig, and Sydney Sweeney! Make sure you tune in with this Vampire thriller on October 20th!

Army of Thieves (October 29)

This prequel to Zach Snyder’s Army of the Dead follows Dieter Ludwig, a small town bank teller, and his journey to pull off a heist after a crew of expert thieves recruits him. It seems that this film shows more of the world in comparison to the Army of the Dead film that had more of a focus on zombies. Get ready for October 29th because this is going to be just as intense as the last!

Abby Wu is a senior broadcast journalism major at Emerson College and an intern at Afterbuzz TV. She is obsessed with all things entertainment and hope to be working in the entertainment industry one day.

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