Sony Leaks: Spidey to Marvel, Jobs Disaster + Impact of Leaks on Movie Industry! – Dec. 12th, 2014 – Meet the Movie Press

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MEET THE MOVIE PRESS kicks into high gear today as Editor in Chief of Schmoes Know Mark Reilly and Jeff Sneider from The Wrap discuss at length the disaster of the Sony Hacking Scandal! What turned a intimate email exchange into national headlines, Reilly and Jeff get right to the heart of the major upheaval shaking the industry to its very core. With discussions on what to post and what not to post in regards to Amy Pascal at Sony and Scott Rudin with his JOBS pic, Reilly and Jeff also examine the major news that was also inside each leaked email: Spidey courted after all by Marvel; the 21 Jump Street/Men in Black Crossover to reveals of the Russo Bros directing AVENGERS 3 and a Boba Fett stand alone, this is one of those episodes NOT to be missed! Enjoy!

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