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Host & Producer Marielou Mandl (@MarielouMandl) interviews Music Licensing Company, Signature Tracks!

The Signature Tracks library is a top-shelf collection comprising music by Grammy award-winning artists to ensure your project has an updated, fresh and unique sound. We have music from artists who have produced for Chris Brown, Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, Miley Cyrus, Seal, Trapt and many other stars. We have one of the few libraries in the business that will not acquire boring, loopy, unpolished tracks from subpar artists. When it comes to music, it’s quality not quantity. Why should editors sift through thousands of unusable and outdated tracks to find one that works?

Before we started Signature Tracks, we spent more than 20,000 hours in the bays watching editors struggle to find the right underscore. This is why we’ve organized our library by genres and moods specifically designed to create a seamless experience for all users. Every time we deliver our library, we’ll give you a composer selects bin.

A custom score may be outside your budget but that doesn’t mean you can’t have great music. Using a song from the Signature Tracks library will add value to each project.