Secret Life of Walter Mitty (Ben Stiller) | Anatomy of a Movie

In this show, AOM hosts Demetri Panos and Marisa Serafini discuss the 2013 film Secret Life of Walter Mitty, an epic comedy-drama fantasy film directed by and starring Ben Stiller in which Walter Mitty is a negative assets manager (photographs) at Life magazine who frequently daydreams of fantastic adventures, and has a crush on his coworker Cheryl (Kristen Wiig). Photojournalist Sean O’Connell (Sean Penn), who works closely with Mitty concerning his submissions, has sent him a package containing his latest negatives and a wallet as a gift in appreciation of Mitty’s excellent work. Furthermore, that package contains a special photograph, negative 25, that he says in writing captures the “Quintessence” of Life and that it should be used for the cover of the magazine’s final print issue as it converts to online status. Unfortunately, that specific negative is missing from the package and Mitty is forced to stall the obnoxious corporate transition manager Ted Hendricks (Adam Scott) handling the downsizing. Using the other negatives as clues, Mitty figures out that O’Connell is in Greenland and flies there to try and find him. The hosts discuss everything from filmography, to casting/acting, directing, cinematography, editing, score, sound editing, etc. HELPFUL LINKS: IMDB Page – Wiki Page – Official Website – Secret Life of Walter Mitty Trailer – Academy Conversations, Interview with Ben Stiller & Cast – Secret Life of Walter Mitty BRoll – Making Walter Mitty’s World –