Pedro Pascal Joins Wonder Woman Sequel, New Mutants and Dark Phoenix Delayed – Meet the Movie Press

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Today’s Topics:

1:30- Pedro Pascal joins cast of Wonder Woman 2

3:40- Chris Pine will be reprising his role as Steve Trevor

5:25- “Captain Marvel” started production

-Agent Coulson will be returning

7:15- “Dark Phoenix” and “New Mutants” drastically delayed

-Could the “New Mutants” be heading for the streaming service?

-Jeff’s Rumor: Jessica Chastain playing Mr. Sinister?

9:30- Jeff’s Rumor: Matt Damon WAS going to be the villain in Spider-Man Homecoming sequel

11:40- Hugh Jackman to star in “Bad Education” from director of “Thoroughbreds” Cory Finley.

14:50- Sebastian Stan to star in “Beat the Reaper,” Gore Verbinski is attached to direct.  

17:10- “Murder Mystery,” to star Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston for Netflix

19:50- Kate McKinnon joining Danny Boyle’s Musical Comedy

20:55- “Ready Player One” discussion

-Looking at $50Million @ the box office

-Where does “Ready Player One” land in Steven Spielberg repertoire

27:55- Bracket Craze taking Film Twitter by storm

29:30- Ready Player One: $50Mil

-Black Panther in 2nd or 3rd: Drop off 31%

31:00- Steven Spielberg Discussion on his comments about Netflix films at the Oscars.

33:45- A24 Rumors Discussion: Apple is going to buy A24;

-Deal is not happening. A24 is for sale though.

-They operate at a loss.


-The House with Clocks in its Walls


-West World Trailer

-The Darkest Minds

-First Reformed

42:00- Jeff saw Andre The Giant Documentary

42:50- Bits and Bobs

-Doctor Dolittle voice casting

-Gina Rodriguez for Carmen Sandiego live action film

-Gina Rodriguez shooting “Someone Great,” for Netflix along with Brittney Snow

-Gina Rodriguez joining Annapurna Film

-James Wan to produce and direct “Tommyknockers”

-Reed Morano to direct “The Keeper of the Diary”

-Scarlett Johansson joining Taika Waititi new movie “Jojo Rabbit”

-Boss Level being joined by Naomi Watts

-Amy Adams to join “True Americans”

-Tiffany Haddish joining “Lego Movie” sequel

-Michael Showalter books deal to create new projects for Annapurna TV.

-Javier Bardem playing “Cortes” for the television series being headed by Steven Spielberg for Amazon.

-Diane Nelson taking a leave of absence from DC.

Colin Trevorrow Returning to Direct “Jurassic World 3”


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