Nightcrawler Preview! Age Of Ultron pre-show! Marvel Movie News Ep #30 – April 30th, 2015

The PopcornTalk Network proudly presents Marvel News from Marvel Fans! In this vodcast series host Matt Key braves the waters this week leading up to Age Of Ultron, but he doesn’t do it alone! Also sitting in are special guests Justin Baker, Alan Kistler, and Erika Ishii! This week our hosts break down everything all the news in the Marvel Movie Universe! AGE OF ULTRON COMES OUT TONIGHT!!!! Nightcrawler Revealed! Agent Carter renewal info in 3 weeks, Asa Butterfield possibly pinned for spiderman, and another netflix show? All this and more on today’s Marvel Movie News!   Follow Matt Key on Twitter! Follow Coy Jandreau On Twitter! Follow Meredith Placko!