New Writer For Obi-Wan Series & Brandon Hanna Guests! | SWN #19

On this week’s Star Wars News… The Obi-Wan Series is back to the writers room with Joby Harold writing! Dave Filoni has a new twitter banner with an older Ahsoka accompanied by another iconic character… concept art for Michael Biehn’s character in Mandalorian season 2 is out, is Jamie Lee Curtis in season 2?! Also the writers of “Solo” are doubtful of a sequel AND prequel-movies easter eggs were released all over twitter this week by a Star Wars VFX Artist – we’ll take a look at them. Stay tuned for a fun game of STAR WARS PRICE IS RIGHT!

Lastly, the Star Wars World is saddened by the passing of actor Andrew Jack and we will read some creators tributes to the late actor.
Hosted by Ryan Nilsen @RyNilsen, Steph Sabraw @StephSabraw, and Brandon Hanna @BrandonHanna.

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