New Tv Casting, Wally West in Flash, and BVS UPDATE! – DC Movie News #37 (August 6th, 2015)

Popcorn Talk Network proudly presents DC Movie News! In this vodcast series hosts Jonny Loquasto, Adam Gertler, and Roxy Striar – as the name implies – discuss all things DC related. This week, Jonny’s in the Middle East being funny, so Mike Kalinowski join the panel as DC News discusses the who Scoot McNairy is playing in BVS, a video shows elders reacting to the BVS trailer, Justice League influenced the Batmobile, and ABC wanted Viola to do SS?! Finally, Badass Vandal Savage has been cast! Also, Wally West to be major player in Flash Season 2! Follow Jonny Loquasto on Twitter! Follow Adam Gertler on Twitter! Follow Roxy Striar on Twitter!