New Shazam Teaser! Patty’s plans for WW 3 and Toby’s future for DC – DC Movie News

A new Shazam teaser drops! Plus, Oscar nominations are out, but was Aquaman snubbed? Patty Jenkins already has plans for Wonder Woman 3 and Toby Emmerich talks his direction for the future of DC. Also, we have plenty of TV Time!

Popcorn Talk Network proudly presents DC Movie News! In this vodcast series, hosts Roxy Striar, Adam Gertler, and Jonny LoQuasto discuss all things DC related!

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001-003 New Shazam teaser

004 Sandberg unphased by Justice League bad reception & impact on Shazam

005 Mark Strong talks playing Sivana

006 Zachary Levi is happy Marvel killed him off

007-008 Shazam spoiler via Funko Pop

009-010 Aquaman not nominated for any oscars. Is that fair? (throwback to what Wan said a
few weeks ago)

011 Patty Jenkins already has plans for a Wonder Woman 3

012 Early Flash concept art

013 Why M Night doesn’t want to direct a DC or Marvel movie now

014 DC laying off 3% of workers

015 Toby Emmerich talks about DC playbook moving forward

016 Lex Luthor Image

New episodes of: Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, Gotham, Black Lightning, Young Justice\

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