JJ Abrams to direct Star Wars Ep 9, Daniel Day Kim replacing Ed Skrein – Meet the Movie Press

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1:30-JJ Abrams takes SW 9/ deep dive

16:00-Generic conversation about superman

18:10-IT destroying the boxoffice/DEEP DIVE

29:30-halloween/ horrors of blumight maze at Universal Horror nights if Blum will make Halloween and spawn as a franchise; might only be stand alone.

33:15-daniel day kim replacing ed Skrien

34:30-Spike lee and jordan peele on clansman movie

36:30- no more night of the museum movies

37:39-John wick 3 has a release date for May next year

40:35-red sparrow trailer

43:00-Movies that Jeff saw at Torento

50:40-Box office releases and numbers

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