Josh and Sierra Russell of Russell FX | Horror Movie News Ep27

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“The Horror genre never dies. It just keeps getting reinvented and it always will. Horror is a universal language; we’re all afraid. We’re born afraid, we’re all afraid of things: death, disfigurement, loss of a loved one. Everything that I’m afraid of, you’re afraid of and vice versa. So everybody feels fear and suspense.”- John Carpenter

Today’s episode:
The Horrorites went to interview Josh and Sierra Russell at their FX show in Burbank! They’ve worked on films such as “The Ritual,” “SouthBound,” and “Lowlife.”

Website Bio:
East coaster Josh Russell and LA-born Sierra Spence met while working for their childhood heroes at Studio ADI. The instant chemistry and mutual love of all things monsters and gore quickly led to their marriage and the birth of a new kind of beast: Russell FX. In no time at all, the new “mom and pop FX shop” began planting firm roots within the los angeles film communities.

Their charismatic enthusiasm for film of all genres, paired with their gamut of talents and unflappable work ethic has made them one of the fastest growing FX houses in the business, and the go-to for the new generation of filmmakers. Their business model is about growing together with a team, thinking outside the box to push the boundaries of what’s possible on a budget, and proving that practical effects are not dying out, but in fact on the cusp of a resurgence. More on their website!

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