Jon Schnepp Guests, Civil War Set Photos, & Daredevil S2 Photos – Marvel Movie News #45 – August 20th, 2015

The PopcornTalk Network proudly presents Marvel News from Marvel Fans! In this vodcast series hosts Matt Key, Meredith Placko, and Coy Jandreau break all the new marvel news down! This week, Jon Schnepp joins the Marvellites to talk Marvel! The gang talks about all the new goings on! New photos from the Civil War set, SPOILER SPOILER (Evangeline Lilly has been scanned for the Wasp Suit). SPOILER OVER. Ed Skrein believes Deadpool humor will be a problem for Fox’s PR team. Wolverine 3 Information, Patrick Stewart to appear Wolverine 3. Also, Jon Bernthal pictures from Daredevil. All this and more and today’s Marvel Movie News!   Follow Matt Key on Twitter! Follow Coy Jandreau On Twitter! Follow Meredith Placko!