Jon Bernthal is The Punisher! & #WEWANTWIDOW – Marvel Movie News Ep #36 – June 11th, 2015

The PopcornTalk Network proudly presents Marvel News from Marvel Fans! In this vodcast series hosts Matt Key, Meredith Placko, and Coy Jandreau break all the new marvel news down! This week Hector Navarro joins the panel from Geek and Sundry to discuss all the goings on! Lots of news in Marvel this week! Jon Bernthal cast as the Punisher! New details on suits in Civil War, Marvel promises more female merch, and a six minute ant-man exclusive is shown with Jurassic World! In the fox work, New apocalypse photos show Storm with a mohawk, a Quicksilver tease, and another fantastic four image All this AND MORE with today’s Marvel Movie News!   Follow Matt Key on Twitter! Follow Coy Jandreau On Twitter! Follow Meredith Placko!