Jerry Ferrara discusses Entourage on iTalk Movies

iTalk movies is a long-form interview series featuring leading members of the film community. In this episode, host Phil Svitek & Roxy Striar interview Jerry Ferrara in studio on the Popcorn Talk Network. Born in Brooklyn, New York, Ferrara is of Italian descent. Jerry Ferrara began studying theater in college, where he was inspired by a teacher to pursue a career in acting. An agent he met at a talent showcase encouraged him to move to Los Angeles, where he quickly landed his first role on The King Of Queens. Other television parts soon followed. Jerry was then cast in the independent feature Cross Bronx, which premiered at the 2004 Tribeca Film Festival. In an interview about his breakout role on Entourage, Ferrara revealed that when he told his friends he had landed a major part in a television pilot, they asked, “What’s a pilot?”[4] Kevin Connolly has said of his Entourage co-star that “Jerry’s very domesticated. He’s probably the most different from his character. He’s like 180 degrees in the opposite direction.”[5] Ferrara once made an appearance in character as Turtle for a DirecTV commercial. His dialogue was mixed with a clip from an Entourage episode for humorous effect. Ferrara is also co-founder of Fat Sal’s deli in Westwood, Los Angeles. In 2010 Ferrara dropped weight and lost 60 pounds with a new outlook on health and fitness. @ThePopcornTalk