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The Horror genre never dies. It just keeps getting re­invented and it always will. Horror is a universal language; we’re all afraid. We’re born afraid, we’re all afraid of things: death, disfigurement, loss of a loved one. Everything that I’m afraid of, you’re afraid of and vice versa. So everybody feels fear and suspense.- John Carpenter

Hello, hello, hello there my horror fans and Welcome to Horror Movie News! This is our 1st ever episode!!!

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The main purpose of this show is to celebrate all things horror related but there will be more of an emphasis on horror movies! Meaning that we will bring you the latest horror movie news every week along with some fun and ghoulish segments.

Also we would like to say that we will be putting an emphasis on our viewers, subscribers, and followers. By this I mean we hope to encourage our viewers to participate with the show. We will be looking to introduce some weekly poll questions, some sort of thread for viewers to throw segment pitch ideas, and possibly do some giveaways.

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