I Could Never Be Danny Trejo – with Michael Clouse

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Danny Trejo is a leading man in Hollywood with a success story that seems like a movie itself! He started down a path of drugs at age 8, and spent significant time behind bars in many California jails. It wasn’t until Cinco De Mayo in 1968 that his life changed. He was allegedly involved in a fight in prison and thought he would be put to death. But after pleading to God, the charges were dropped. He was released a year later and he’s now been sober for 50 years! His acting career started in 1985 with a random job training actors how to fight, which lead to time on screen. Since then, he’s starred in movies like Heat, Desperado, Con Air, Spy Kids, and his most famous role, Machete. Even with everything he’s accomplished, there’s no slowing down, as his only current addiction is working on shows and movies.

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