Guilty Movie Pleasures (Bonus) OVER THE TOP Audio Commentary feat. Josh Macuga, Finstock & JTE

Popcorn Talk Network proudly presents a vodcast that offers a glimpse into the movies we love to watch with breakdown and analysis of the movies some might call… a “Guilty Movie Pleasure”. Join us each week as Josh Macuga and Steve Simeone breakdown your favorite films, from the classics to the yet to be seen; it’s all here under one banner… GUILTY MOVIE PLEASURES! Guilty Movie Pleasures is psyched to bring you a special Audio Commentary for OVER THE TOP the classic 80’s Arm Wrestling Stallone extravaganza! Host Josh Macula is joined by the diablical Finstock and everyones favorite engineer JTE. The world meets nobody halfway so join the guys for this hilarious commentary. Follow Josh on Twitter! Follow Steve on Twitter!